Yes, you’re an alpha male! What does this imply? You have something that your female counterpart doesn’t– a penis, with a matching overwhelming desire of using it. Unfortunately, there are some who are ashamed of this, and they even consider this as a curse. Believe it or not, it’s more of a blessing and not something you should be ashamed of or anxious about. As a man, your call is to live life to the fullest and use this tool to procreate and enjoy! Thus, what you’re feeling is something you should be proud of– not every man is blessed with that kind of sexual drive!

Furthermore, aside from having a penis, the sense of visual stimulation men have made them different from women. Not just that, women are considered to more passionate and emotional when it comes to sex– we are aware of this. Though, for us, it’s something different. For instance, show us a vixen, and more often than not, the first thought that we’re going to have is, what sex would be like with her. Yes, this can be embarrassing, especially if the woman is a stranger, but even so, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You have a weapon. So, it’s important to make it useful!

Alpha males take control!

Let me ask you something, what if I’ll tell you that you could have this feeling for a number of years?

The feeling of being aroused and hyped up– that all you can think about is having sex.

Also, what if it’s possible to extend that awesome sex you used to have in your younger years? Better yet, what if you’ll have the chance to experience an earth-shattering sex that you’ve never had in your entire life? And when it happens, it wouldn’t even be a one-time experience, but something you can enjoy for years?

You will not be able to fight the urge.

Basically, the secret behind the mind-boggling male orgasm is the amount of semen you produce. Wherein, more semen means that the muscles involved in the orgasm process, such as the pubococcygeus muscle, the ejaculatory ducts, and the muscles around the penis are contracting faster, resulting to more intensity. So, the more semen you have, the longer and more intense your orgasm will be.

Unfortunately, as you get older, the amount of semen your body produce, decreases. Likewise, your sex drive slowly deteriorates; in fact, you’ll even notice that you don’t feel the urge and desire you used to experience when you were a teen. This is common, but not all are even aware of this. The amount of semen you produce, greatly affects your sex life.

Just think about it, when your orgasm gets shorter, the sex seems to be unsatisfactory.

Don’t fret; there’s still hope!

In the year 1998, men all over the world felt hopeful and rejoiced when the ‘blue pill’ was introduced in the market. What blue pill am I talking about? Nothing else than Viagra! A pill that’s capable of producing erections and waking up the male desire once again.

Tapping this should NOT require Viagra.

The sales of Viagra continue to grow over the years, and in 2001, it even reached $1 billion! However, you ought to know that Viagra is considered to be a pharmaceutical drug and it’s only available through a doctor. Likewise, the cost of this pill can even burn a hole in your pocket, and you need to plan each session at least an hour in advance.

Aside from the cost, another drawback about Viagra is the side effects it has. This includes blurry vision, headaches, and in some cases, hearing loss.

Technically, you’ll be paying twenty bucks a pill, wait for an hour before you can even have sex, and risk losing your hearing and sight.

Sounds disappointing, right?

Is there any alternative then? Something that will give you instant results right when you need it. An alternative that can increase semen production and prolong male orgasm, minus the side effects. Best of all, something that’s more affordable, yet effective.

Those descriptions are just something you can enjoy with the use of Semenax!

Semenax is a male supplement that’s composed of herbs and potent amino acids that can naturally boost the production and quality of semen. Furthermore, unlike Viagra, Semenax doesn’t only give an erection, but it also increases semen production and overall sex health. No need to wait for an hour before you can enjoy the effects. Just pop a pill of Semenax and you’re ready to go!

… and go … and go … and go…

Also, have I told you that the larger amount of semen you produce, the longer your orgasm is going to be? That being said, with Semenax, feel confident knowing that you’ll satisfy your partner during love making.

Also, remember what we said earlier? That it’s possible to enjoy awesome sex for years?

With Semenax, you can be a stud forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a sex god and impress your partner in bed!


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