Prudence aside, most of us would agree that since the beginning of time, humans have been interested in the beauty and power of the male sex organ– the penis.

The phallus has always been linked to dominance, success, strength, and masculinity.

Barista art.

That’s also the reason why a lot of artists got inspired to use this sex symbol as a form of art. Though, when it comes to getting all the attention, what strikes the most is the penis size, the erection capability, and the lasting power it has– mainly because all of these factors are related to being capable of giving the “orgasm.” After all, what’s the main goal of those who are concerned about their penis size? Isn’t it the ability to give more potent and powerful climaxes to their partner?

This may shed the light why a lot of males have been concerned about their capability of ejaculating. For men, aside from the intensity of the orgasm, another factor that’s important for them is the amount they ejaculate — this gives them the dominance they need, resulting to sexual identity and enjoyment (Read: 3 Secret Ingredients That Will Make You Ejaculate More).

Overview of Ejaculation

In order to fully understand the importance of having a healthy ejaculation when it comes to male pleasure, we should also understand how climax or orgasm works.

During sexual stimulation, the semen collects in the ejaculatory ducts. Where the male orgasm takes place during the peak of sexual pleasure. This is also the point where various muscle groups contract simultaneously, this includes the following: rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle together with the contractions of the rectum, anal sphincter, and perineum, as well as the muscles and ejaculatory ducts around the penis.

One of the leading causes for ejaculation.

This muscle contraction greatly contributes to the amount of semen that the penis can release. For instance, the first few contractions are usually intense and close together. They usually occur at about 0.8-second intervals. Though, as the male orgasm continues, the intensity of these muscle contractions eventually subside.

Furthermore, the exact amount of ejaculate is usually determined by several factors, such as: diet, heredity, frequency of sexual activity, overall health, and age. As for the content, it’s almost the same for all males. The ejaculate is comprised of sperm, together with a long list of compounds and elements that you’ll often see in a bottle of supplement. This includes chlorine, ascorbic acid, cholesterol, calcium, citric acid, choline, fructose, creatine, inositol, gluthathione, lactic acid, nitrogen, magnesium, hyalronidase, phosphorus, purine, potassium, pyruvic acid, sorbitol, sodium, pyrimidine, zinc, vitamin B12, and many more. Each of these ingredients are often in tiny amount that’s somewhere between 1.5mL and 5 mL.

The Taste

As for the taste, it depends from one person to another, because it’s greatly affected by the diet and physical well-being of the person. Though, it usually ranges from being sweet to salty, but it can also be slightly bitter or mellow. Sometimes, it can also create a mild “numbing” sensation on the lips and tongue of the taster.

A healthy semen will either be greyish to opaque white or translucently whitish. However, for men who’ve had vasectomy, usually have lighter and more translucent semen. As for the texture, it also varies from one guy to another, depending on the lifestyle, age, and well being. Some men believe that voluminous ejaculate and very white semen are the signs of a healthy and sexually active male (Read: The Ultimate Secrets to a Great Tasting Cum).

Factors Affecting the Volume

Can you answer this question? When should a man be worried about his volume and potency? Generally, a sudden decrease in ejaculate volume can indicate that there has been a form of blockage in the ejaculatory ducts.

What man think is a proper amount of cum.

The duct obstruction can be determined with the help of ultrasound. Likewise, other possible causes of a sudden decrease in volume can be a long-term infection in the prostate or retrograde ejaculation. Keep in mind though, sometimes, the decreased semen volume can also be a part of the aging process and something that shouldn’t be alarmed of.

Though, if it seems like the appearance, amount, and texture of your semen is far beyond from being normal, it’s advisable to consult a qualified physician and have your semen tested, in order to determine if there’s something wrong with your body.

The standard semen analysis measures the pH and volume of the semen and it also microscopically analyzes to determine if there’s any agglutination or debris in the sex organ.

Aside from that, the sperm concentration should also be assessed, the sperm leukocytes should be counted, and the immature germ cells should be identified. Usually, this test is often done after 2 weeks of sexual abstinence. Likewise, there will be instances where the physician will also conduct several tests in order to determine if the patience is infected with UTI, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

Oftentimes, even though the result claims that the semen is in “normal” range, some men still feel dissatisfied, thinking that they’re not potent enough to give the pleasure their partner wants. For them, in order to gain confidence, it’s important to improve the volume of their semen. Fortunately, this can easily be achieved with the help of Semenax, because it can address the problem and offer viable solutions for it.

In fact, Semenax is capable of increasing the volume of ejaculate for as much as 500%, while improving the quality, the motility, and the overall sperm count of the patient.

Advantages of Being Able to Shoot Such a Load

Having the ability of orgasming with greater volume and power has a number of benefits. When you increase the density of your load as well as the quality of your semen, the orgasm will not only increase, be more outstanding, and more pleasurable, but also so more powerful, too.

Nature’s Semenax.

The male orgasm usually happens for a brief moment, but it can also be a long-lasting experience if the volume of the sperm is greater than how it normally is. Likewise, it results to a more intense and stronger contraction, due to the fact that an increase in volume of fluid and sperm during the ejaculation process means that more contraction is needed in order to shoot every drop of it.

Furthermore, a lot of men, especially those who want to impregnate their mate, are focused on fertility and potency– that’s also the reason why infertility becomes one of the most common concerns that they want to resolve.

Fortunately, a product like Semenax can be a fix and it’s also proven to be quite effective.

Lastly, an increase in ejaculation could also improve one’s overall confidence. Aside from being successful in his romantic endeavors, which results to sexual confidence, studies show that being potent has a domino effect. This only implies that it’ll also positively affect every aspect of a man’s life.

How These Enhancers Work

Volume enhancers differ in formulation, cost, and manufacturing methods. Though, one of the most popular and proven volume-enhancer on the market is the Semenax. Here’s how it works.

Semenax was developed by a group of health professionals who want to help men have more confidence in themselves by improving their sexual function. Thus, they looked for ways on how to increase the volume of ejaculate, together with other benefits that most men should experience. As for the formulation, Semenax is made using natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective. It supports the ejaculatory ducts, prostate gland, epididymis, vas deferens, and seminal deferens. Which only implies that the male organ will be working at its best. The main ingredients of Semenax include: L-carnitine, amino acids L-arginine, and L-lysine. These elements help in increasing the sperm count of the body.

Lastly, when shopping for a male enhance product, always check if the supplement you’re eying on is cGMP Certified. This will give you an assurance that’s it’s safe for use.


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