I sat with three beautiful women to ask them some very personal questions and their answers may both shock and surprise you in a very horny way. Karolina is a self-confessed submissive woman, new to the BDSM scene, Gillian is a software engineer and a little more prim and Cara is a sexually experienced restaurant owner.

Me: “So Ladies, first of all can I ask you what it feels like when a man penetrates you?”

Karolina: “It’s when you first get entered, that feeling of being filled up completely that turns me on every time. I love it when they tease me, by just putting the head in, then bam, and then I feel the head of their cock banging off my cervix, so hot! The position is also important as when you are on top you can grind your clit, or when fucked from behind, you can play with yourself. Some guys grind their hips in a circular motion which is exciting and the pace is also important, slow and deep or fast and hard, and I love anal too as it feels like being really taken by a guy and I can play with myself at the same time.”

Gillian: “It’s different every time, a lot depends on the shape of the guy’s dick, if the head is thick or the base, but I personally love the feeling of allowing someone to enter my body, even though they are pushing their cock inside me, I feel in control and quite powerful. The anticipation is part of the turn on for me, wondering what their dick will look like, how it will feel inside my pussy.”

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Cara: “Can I just confess to loving being penetrated, it’s such a turn on being taken roughly by one or more men, I like it when a man rams his cock in to the hilt, it just makes me feel really taken, and when I am being taken by two men the feeling is just so intense. It feels like I am being torn in half but I love it.”

Me: “The next question is how does it feel when you orgasm?”

Gillian: “I was a late starter to having an orgasm as I didn’t have one till a boyfriend bought me a vibrator, now I use that during sex and it’s amazing, if a guy goes down on me I can cum, but it takes a long time but I love the feeling of squirting in his mouth, yes I am a squirter, and I feel so relaxed after.”

Karolina: “I need to play with my clit when I am being fucked or go on top so I can rub my clit against the man fucking me, it’s so intense, I try and hold off so that I can cum at the same time as the guy I am with but sometimes I can’t hold on but then I just cum again, I love the feeling of all my pussy muscles clenching and heat moving up my body to my face, the red face is such a giveaway, and then cum again, us women are lucky like that. It just makes me feel amazing and when I feel the guy spurt inside me, that can make me cum again.”

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Cara: “I can cum really easily, even when being fucked up the ass, I can still cum, sometimes even thinking about being fucked and squeezing my legs together makes me cum, and like Karolina, if I feel a guy jizz inside me then that makes me cum, just feeling his spunk shoot against my cunt. Sometimes I play with my cunt if I am being fucked from behind, it’s so hot, I need to orgasm at least 3 times a day, it relaxes me and keeps me feeling horny all the time, I just love that shaky feeling that comes over my body, and if I cum a lot I feel as if I am having an out of body experience.”

Me: “Thank you ladies for such an amazing interview!”

Ok guys, as you can see every woman has different responses to being fucked and having an orgasm, but my BIGGEST takeaway that I want you guys to implement is how women LOVE variety. It is not a straight up answer or feeling to being penetrated or having an orgasm, this is why you need to play this in your favor and start shuffling things around in bed and testing out until you find what your girl likes the most. Believe me, you will have her begging for MORE!

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