You’ve probably all heard the stories – working as a cam girl is an easy way to make money, and all it takes is to feel confident in your body. Well, that is true to some extent, but there’s a lot more to it. You need to work hard, you need to know what you’re doing, and it sure helps if you have someone to guide you through the process. Camming is not an easy way to money, it’s physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting, sometimes, but it does bring good satisfaction to some of us, not all. The same goes for money.

Working as a webcam girl on some of the best cam sites is an open opportunity to every woman out there, but becoming a cam girl is something different. You need to be passionate about it and completely open to diving deep into your sexuality and wildest fantasies.

“Once you find yourself taking full satisfaction from the performance and the knowledge your audience is also satisfied, that is when you’ve become a cam girl.“

But let’s see what else is in between, the parts all of you are very curious about, despite being a guy or girl.

Starting Out

Fortunately, the most difficult part of the whole how to be a cam girl process is the beginning. And once you get past it, things become a lot easier, at least this was the case with me.girl telling her friend that she became a cam girlI started out when a friend of mine told me that she found a way to supplement her income, and have fun doing it. We were both similar, as people would say the “slutty” type of girl, and of course, knowing her attitude and opinions on body positivity, I had a feeling about what was coming.
setting up a webcam model accountA few days later, I had already signed up to the website she was using – it was your typical cam girl website where people paid to watch you. They approved my application in less than 24 hours, and there I was, a cam girl with an online profile and no idea what she’s doing. But I had to start somewhere, right?
sexy cam girl streaming
My first show went better than expected. I set up my laptop’s webcam and put a few extra lights in my bedroom to make everything look a bit nicer. Even though it was winter and it was probably freezing outside, nobody likes to watch a cam girl with too many clothes on, so I turned up the heat and put on an almost see-through shirt with not a lot underneath it.

A few hours later after turning on the stream, there I was done completely naked. And I was happy. Of course, it took an hour before people started watching the stream, but once that happened, there were people coming and going pretty much constantly. I talked to some of them, trying to be as friendly as possible, and it worked – by the time I was done, I had about $30. Certainly, more than I’d make by watching Netflix for 6 hours.

cam girl in sexy lingerie

Truth be told, I got very lucky that night with the audience. I wasn’t doing anything in particular, just being naked, chatting, showing my boobs to strangers, standing up, and dancing a bit, it kinda helped me loosen up a bit. Although some of them were asking me to masturbate and show them my toys, I figured I wasn’t that much ready for my first stream, with ideas or props. But, I can say I’m a fast thinker and I came up with quite a great idea. I started talking about my wildest fantasies, some maybe mine, some good ideas I’ve picked from porn movies. They loved it.

The Fun Times

cam girl doing private show
Fast forward a few months, and I was doing shows every other night. I was having fun, and not only did I have a decent amount of patrons every time, but I started recognizing familiar ones in the chat room. This meant that some people like me enough to watch my stream every time, and I have to admit – I loved the attention. I had an arsenal of sex toys and other props by then for the record.

I was also making a decent amount of money, too. Of course, I still wasn’t comfortable quitting my day job to do this full time, but the two combined incomes made for a rather relaxed way of life. Or maybe it was because I loved my secret nightlife, my other persona. I was feeling confident, attractive, and somehow superior. Camming made my so-to-say regular life better and vise versa. My self-confidence improved so much that my social and professional life were blooming and this also gave me the feeling of superiority so whenever I was performing guys were going nuts.

money making

“What I wished I knew earlier was that private shows are where you’ll make more money.”

My friend failed to mention that, but I can’t blame her, she probably saw some of her patrons move over to my stream and didn’t like that too much. Yup this is a real thing. Sometimes I was afraid she would expose me to some mutual friends out of jealousy but life happened and she needed to quit camming, all this in my favor of course. So once I learned about private shows. I started getting more relaxed, and the income started growing.
On private shows things are a bit more concrete, guys wanted me to get naked, they asked me to masturbate on camera for them, but I was still having fun. Those paying more were allowed to choose toys, positions and even made me scream their name. And I was charging them by the minute, so the more I listened to their desires, the more I made.camgirl dancingWhat I loved most is the variety of things people want you to do. While there certainly were a lot of people who tipped well and wanted me to just “get naked”, others asked me to do things like dance to their favorite hip hop song in my underwear. I was a bit reluctant with some things at first, but as I became more comfortable, I didn’t mind doing things that were … different, to say the least. One thing I learned is, there are as many fetishes as people in the world and for a curious girl like me, it was a fun ride.

I would like to share one particular story that made my camming days all the more memorable to me. Also, it’s a great example to emphasize the parts where the satisfaction is mutual for the girl and the spectator, as many believe the girls are some kind of victims and are performing because they have to, not that they want to. It’s not true.

In my busiest and best days as a cam girl, I was feeling confident, happy, and satisfied so I wasn’t interested in having a boyfriend. Although my energy was attracting so many of them, during my 2 years as a cam girl I was only interested in one-night stands. I must say I did not believe that I could have a relationship and still be camming. I was sure that a relationship will ruin my good life and vice versa, and I still believe I was right.
sexy man on private cam showBut so it happened one night that I was invited in a private chat with a boy that was different. I actually really liked him, he looked like the “decent” type of guy, you know, those that never watch cam girls and have their cute high school sweetheart for a girlfriend. He seemed more nervous than I was, and well experienced as I was, I started talking to him to make him more comfortable. We flirt, to say the least, and it was mutual this time. I really liked him and stayed for about an hour in the room with him. We masturbated together and for the first time I was really horny because of the guy, he was so sexy and beautiful.

He did not come again, sorry to inform you, but soon after I decided to quit and find the real deal. I was tired of giving a piece of me to everyone and it was time to quit. I was fantasizing that I would meet him some night at the club or somewhere and get to have him for real, still searching though!

Did I Make a Lot of Money?

So yes, I did stop camming after two years – and I must say that the fear of a friend or relative showing up on my stream was also present all the time. But in those two years, I lived a comfortable life where I could afford most of the things I wanted, even luxury items, and I seldom had to worry about paying rent and having food on the table. Plus I was really enjoying it and I loved how it changed me personally.bunny counting moneyI did make good savings and I was able to afford a new car and a nice place to live. It’s not that good for everyone I must say. My friend did not take the best of it as I did. She ended up self-conscious about her body, fighting with her confidence and sexual desire. I guess she wasn’t the tough type and the insults and bad comments got the better of her. When it comes to success in camming it mostly depends on your personality. Overall, in cases like mine, it’s a nice thing knowing that you have people who appreciate your body and find you very attractive. And if you’re after a lucrative career choice that does get you a decent income, coming is great.

I am almost sure that camming can help each girl explore her sexuality and let go of the prejudice and clutches of society over women’s free sexual expression. We are not nice girls, we are naughty and we enjoy our bodies and the power they have over men. So if you are a girl reading this, you should absolutely consider camming. Life is short, enjoy it, girl!


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