If you’re yet to try VR porn, you’re missing out and it’s time to change that. We all know what the experience of using regular porn is like, and the addition of realistic VR porn experiences to the consumer end of the porn industry is now changing things in ways previously unimaginable.

There are many things that are appealing about trying this out, and more people are adopting it as their preferred way to experience porn. When you try it yourself, you’ll get a better idea of why that’s the case. After all, who doesn’t want to spend the night with their porn star?

VR Offers a Truly Immersive Experience

Whether used for porn or video gaming, virtual reality offers a truly immersive experience and brings a wide range of benefits. Beyond entertainment, VR is becoming a titan in the world of education and even therapy. But we’re here to talk about porn.

One thing that regular porn tends to lack is any sense of immersion. It’s more often than not a fleeting experience that offers no real connection or sense of realism as a viewer, no matter how much you might want it to. VR is now about to change all of that.

The immersive experience now being offered by Virtual Reality is beyond compare. We know that the porn industry in the past has tried to offer a greater sense of immersion with POV filming, but it’s only with the use of VR that this kind of shooting style comes into its own for the end-user.

180° or 360° Degree VR Viewing 

There are different ways of viewing porn in VR, including both 180 and 360 degree views. These are simply about the range of view and motion you have when moving your view within the context of the VR video playback.

360 degree porn videos obviously offer the most in terms of your field of vision, allowing you to look all the way around you. And this type of VR porn usually feels the most immersive. You’re fully enveloped by the video and feel as if you’re really and truly there.

That’s not to dismiss 180 degree VR porn though. Let’s be honest; in most instances, you’re not going to need to look around you in a full 360 degree manner, so more often than not 180 degrees is more than enough. I’d recommend trying them both to understand the difference between them better.

Experience What it Feels Like to Spend an Evening with Your Favourite Porn Star

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of realistic VR porn is the way in which it enables you to enjoy one on one POV porn videos and truly feel immersed in the experience. Watching POV videos in 2D is nothing at all like experiencing them in VR.

It’s the closest most of us are ever going to get to spending an evening with our favourite porn stars, so it makes sense to make the most of it. POV is obviously where VR porn really shines and you’ll know exactly what I mean when you try it yourself.

There’s already a very wide range of VR videos starring some of the most popular porn stars in the industry today. These include Adriana Chechick, Angela White, Riley Reid, Kenzie Reeves, Aletta Ocean, Elsa Jean and plenty of others.

The Future of Porn?

It’s impossible to ignore the huge step up in quality, realism and erotic entertainment that’s offered by VR in porn. For many, this is the future of porn and as the technology behind virtual reality continues to advance, so will the porn experience.


Give it a Try and See How it Goes

If you want to try this new porn viewing experience for yourself, there are a few different VR platforms that you can try out. It might not be for you, but you certainly can’t know that for sure until you’ve given it a go. The experience is like no other and it’s hard to truly understand it until you’ve experienced it first hand.

One last point, when trying out adult VR, look for 4K or higher as many tube sites only offer low quality and the experience may leave you disappointed. Over time this will become the norm but as for now spend a little more time carefully selecting a premium video source, you won’t regret it! So what are you waiting for, start exploring this new and exciting tech. You might be surprised by how much fun you have and just how intense and unique the experience can be.