When you meet that one special person, you want to keep your date nights sizzling. But even the most romantic and exciting dates can get into a rut. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane routine of life, and date nights can fall into the same trap of monotony as well- this doesn’t mean though, that it can’t be fixed! So if you’re dating life has taken a turn for the worse, then it’s time to learn how to keep your partner always in anticipation of the next date.

We’ll divulge the 10 secrets that can add some spice to your dates and they’re certainly  going to help you keep the excitement alive and kicking!

The sweat it out date

Did you know that when people are in love, their heartbeats sync up and beat at the same rate, and they breathe in and out at the same intervals? Even if sweaty exercise doesn’t sound very sexy, it sparks up things between the both of you. Grab your partner’s hand and do some physical exercise together. Choose a sport that both of you can do together, choose something a bit more intimate than golf or tennis. Yoga or salsa dancing is intimate options, wrestling sounds good too! 

The spontaneous date

Experts agree that an air of mystery, a bit of risk and danger, and placing yourselves in uncommon situations can arouse passion. Too much planning can bore anyone so be more spontaneous. One way to achieve that is by wearing a pair of vibrating panties, and you should definitely check out this epic review from The Hot Spot on the best vibrating panties.These panties are the latest in vibrator sex toys for women, where the device is worn discreetly in panties and remotely controlled either solo or by your partner. A mundane night while waiting in line at the supermarket can turn into something beyond your wildest dreams.

The learn together date

The perfect date should stimulate your body, mind and spirit. There are lots of classes you can walk into with your partner, like a cooking class to whip up exotic meals for the both of you. If cooking isn’t your thing, you can try an art class, creative writing, learning a new language or any type of learning you’d like to do together.

The mystery date

To make sure there’s always something new and interesting to do, each partner can write down their favorite date ideas on strips of paper and put them all in a jar. When it’s time for date night, pick one of the strips of paper and see where your date that night will take you and what kind of mystery lies ahead.

The competition date

Fun competitiveness is healthy for all relationships. You can have a night of competition with either an online game, a board game or just a card game. You can make your own crazy rules, and just battle it out for the fun of it.

The ‘for a cause’ date

Almost everyone has a cause that they’re passionate about, whether it’s to feed the poor, visit hospital patients or shelter pets, out of many others. This is a great way to give back to your community, as well as bind together through the different causes you believe in.

The fancy date

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves every once in a while. Invest in a nice outfit and reserve a spot in the fanciest restaurant you can afford. Continue the night by reserving a nice hotel or motel room. Spend the night pampering each other. Ladies, don’t forget to invest in some sexy lingerie. 

The backwards date

Instead of going to the movies, then dinner, then having a night of passionate intimacy, start with the hot sex first, then dinner then the movies. Stop off for some ice-cream after the movies. That’s just a little way to break the routine.

The first time date

There’s bound to be so many things that neither you nor your partner have ever tried. Experiencing something new together is an amazing feeling. It never has to be something extravagant. It doesn’t have to be more than a game of darts, or mini-golf, or watching a movie, even. During a getaway weekend, a new hobby like fishing, can catch your interest so that both of you can start enjoying it together. Be open to all possibilities. 

The memory lane date

Maybe it was a dream come true, or maybe it was a disaster, but your first date with your partner was the start of the spark you share now. Why not recreate that date again? It’s one of the most sentimental things you can do for your relationship. 

Date night might be once a week for some, while for others it could be more. The important thing is to give it attention, time and passion. You’re not investing that much into the date as you are into your partner. There is an endless list of the many things you can opt for to stay happy in your relationship, have awesome dates, keep the relationship kindled, and bond with your love.


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