So, you have a girlfriend and you want to sexually please her any way you can. Though, are you aware that she’s capable of experiencing different orgasms? And, if you’re lucky enough, you can even give her multiple orgasms.

Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t even know what an orgasm feels like and some even go without it for years, even if they already have a partner.

Yes, it’s true that it’s hard to satisfy a woman, but it doesn’t mean that is impossible. We’ve collected some of the most effective ways that will increase the chances of giving your girl the kind of orgasm that she needs. Not just that, we’ve also revealed some secrets that will induce multiple orgasms. Read on to find out!

1. The Bedroom Shouldn’t Be Your Starting Point
Well, she seems impressed.

If you want to increase the chances of making your woman orgasm, try to reflect on these questions: When was the last time you were sweet to her? When was the last time you surprised her with something sweet, such as a bouquet of roses? Believe it or not, creative and romantic gestures DO turn a woman on. Why? Well, love and lovemaking are interconnected in a woman’s brain, so these things do have an impact on how she’s going to react during sex. What are you waiting for? You want her to orgasm? Do sweet gestures to her!

2. Relaxation Should Be the Key

It’s hard to achieve orgasm, especially when you’re stressed. If your woman looks a bit stressed, you can give her a quick massage. Rubbing her shoulders, neck, and upper back could melt away the tension.

3. Don’t Focus on Just the Vagina Alone!

If you want to make her cum, better have a longer foreplay session. Kiss her, caress her, and touch her body sensuously. Through this, you’re going to build the sexual tension in her body that the orgasm will really be intense– thanks to the anticipation!

4. Your Woman Should Be Your Top Priority
She might even give you hints.

Focusing all your attention to your girl will help you make love to her more passionately. Just think about it, if you’ve finished first, then you decided to help her come, then you wouldn’t be as excited and passionate anymore.

5. How to Last Longer

It’s a given– in order to make your partner come, it’s important to control yourself and last longer. The best way to make this happen is by penetrating like how you always do, but when it feels like you’re about to come, just move your hips in a circular motion. Wait until the pressure in your penis subsides. Trust us, it works like magic.

6. Stay Away from Lubricants

When a woman is turned on, her vagina produces more than enough juices to keep you going. On the other hand, by using a product substitute, you’re just fooling yourself, and it wouldn’t make sex much enjoyable. Throw those sexual lubricants away and rely on her body. You’ll know if she’s close to orgasm or not.

7. Don’t Be Dependent on the Clitoris
Guess he found her G-Spot.

Yes, this is her love button. However, are you aware that once you’ve over-stimulated this little princess, the little thing called the clitoral hood would come out to protect the clitoris? This hood acts as a shield preventing direct stimulation.

You don’t really need to rely on the clitoris alone, there’s the G-Spot! It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your hand, tongue, or penis, it all works beautifully.

8. Locate the G-Spot

This area feels like the roof of the mouth and it’s located 2 inches inside the vagina on the top side (Read: Three Powerful Techniques to Finger Her to Climax). There are a number of ways on how you can pleasure this spot, but the most common ones are doing a “come here” motion or a “love” position. This helps in hitting the right spot!

9. Use the Best Position

Not all love positions are the same. The best position to make your woman orgasm is the missionary, but the woman should be on top. This allows the female to climax, because this gives her full control.

10. “Feast” on Her

The most effective way to give your woman a mind-boggling orgasm is through cunnilingus or oral sex (Read: Do You Know How to Eat Pussy? 99.9% of Men Do NOT). In fact, if you’re skilled enough, you can even give her multiple orgasms. Most women prefer this method more than anything else, because it gives them the satisfaction and arousal they’re craving for.
Her face says it all.

You can do the ABCs with your tongue, ask what she enjoys, or even spell your name on her love spot! Be creative, but don’t forget to be careful. Keep in mind, there are thousands of nerve endings in the clitoris. Don’t poke your tongue, like you’re having a tongue fight with someone. This could be really painful and it could even ruin the mood.

These are just some of the most practical, yet effective tips that will allow you to make your woman orgasm. Try it and see how it can make your woman desire you even more.


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