Some people can’t imagine spending their whole lives with just one partner. Others, they can’t imagine spending their whole living as just one person. And this is where the thin line between black and white turns into all 50 shades of gray.

Despite all of the beauty and peace you feel when you find the one, there comes a time when routine eventually catches with you. One day you wake up and feel nostalgic about that time when a kiss would be capable of sending shivers down your whole spine, or a touch would instantly drive you crazy in all of the right ways. But love, this is when the sensual art of roleplaying comes to save the day.

The Art of Roleplay

While some might question the end goal of roleplaying, only those who see it for the true form of art that it is will really understand. You might not end up with an oil canvas or a recorded song as it is with other forms of art, but rather, you are the end goal. The feelings you go through, the new characters you impersonate, the costumes you make or buy to get into character, the whole emotional experience you gain insight to when you’re roleplaying – every single step of the way, you’re discovering and learning more about yourself. So imagine taking all of this into the bedroom, and sharing it in the most intimate ways with your partner!

Introducing the Art in Roleplay into Your Bedroom

If you’re thinking that roleplay in itself is a supreme form of art, wait until you see the magic it creates in your bedroom. It all starts with sharing your sexual fantasies with your significant other, and that takes a level of vulnerability, bareness of soul, and purity that builds a strong sense of trust unlike any you’ve shared before.  

roleplay in bedroom

In that instance, everything is possible. Everytime your teacher has passed you by and got your mind wandering, every nurse that held your arm and rushed all of your blood southwards, every naughty dirty fantasy you’ve ever thought of, everything that might feel so wrong an inappropriate if done in real life – all of that is possible. And in that very gray area, where there’s no right or wrong, where your only religion is the exotic brush of ecstasy washing over your body, you get to experience the same level of nakedness with your most beloved person.

Some Roleplay Classics

Are you feeling excited but still a little bit shy? You know, you’re not the only one! Everyone has started there at some point. And as it is with all cases, it starts with figuring out your fantasies.

When you’re in the darkness of your room alone, watching porn or masturbating, what turns you on the most? Is it the image of your girlfriend wearing one of loveplugs tail plugs and wiggling them at you? Is it the ravishing gym coach who was training you years ago, but somehow his image is now doing unspeakable things to you in your private session? Is it getting pulled over by a cop who overgoes an excessively intimate kind of search for weeds? What about the idea of incest or rape?

When you set aside the initial thoughts of shame, shyness, and bedazzlement, and when you start embracing your own and your partner’s sexual fantasies and thoughts, you’ll be surprised what this form of art can create and turn all around!

Your First Roleplay Act

Acting out a roleplay from your fantasies don’t have to be extravagant or extra at all. On the contrary, the simpler and more natural you let the role to play out, the more pleasure you’ll be able to share together. That doesn’t mean you can’t go to the extremes if that’s what you guys are into, by all means! As long as you’ve reached that level of naked trust and vulnerability, you’ll be able to appreciate the art in roleplaying in whichever form if presents itself for you.


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