I want to share something with you that I used to struggle with. Horny girls are hard to spot.

Some men will tell you they can smell it. I know I can. But that’s a skill you learn after years of practice.

The problem is that women try to never look like they want sex. Partly, that’s society’s fault. Women are supposed to be pure and innocent. But there is also an allure to it. While a woman dripping with sex is hot as hell, there’s more excitement in chasing girls who look like they’ll never put out.

The myth of innocence

The eyes say it all.

A typical girl does not show how horny she is. Whereas most men walk around oozing sexual frustration, a woman who needs to be fucked can make herself seem frigid as hell. She won’t stare at a hot man’s (or woman’s) butt – that’s something only men do. You definitely won’t catch her checking out your crotch bulge.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t. Just that you’ll never catch her.

But in my experience, the more innocent the woman, the more of a freak she is in bed. She’s probably more of a freak than you are.

Think about it this way. You just want to dive right in, because you’re blue-balled as all hell. Chances are, you’ll settle for plain old sex. A wild woman dripping with sexuality is usually the same.

Watch out for obvious hints!

A placid woman with an angelic face, on the other hand, has already shown she can control her sexuality. When it comes to the act itself, she takes it at her own pace. This is exactly the kind of girl who’ll talk dirty; who will tie you up and tease you until you cannot take it anymore. The kind of girl who can hold out on her own pleasure while she gives you a prostate massage and makes you writhe in almost unbearable ecstasy.

When I see this kind of girl and smell the sex she’s trying so hard to hide, I can barely control myself before getting her to the bedroom. I always know she’ll make it worth it, even if I have to work for the reward.

There is one tiny problem… How are you meant to find the girls dying for sex if they are so composed all the time?

How to Tell if a Girl is a Horny Sex FREAK!

Don’t be this guy.

Luckily for us, there are some pretty simple clues to identify a horny sex freak, even if she refuses to show it.

  • Dilated pupils, flushed, heavy breathing: yes, there are physical signs that a girl is horny other than her wet vagina. Her heart rate will also rise, but unless you’re taking her pulse, this won’t help you.
  • Fidgeting, playing with her hair: the sexual energy has to come out one way or another. While she won’t show it in the obvious ways, it will manifest in unconscious, restless movements. If she’s fondling a cylindrical object, it’s basically guaranteed.
  • Shoe fondling: she moves her foot in and out of her shoe. Suggestive much?
  • She closes the conversation… towards you: when a girl chooses to direct all her body language at one guy, it means she’s horny and knows exactly what she wants. If you’re it, make your move.
  • She’s uneasy in your presence: a confident girl who starts to act unnaturally when she’s around you could well be imagining what she’s gonna do to you.
  • She acts mean: this is a controversial one, because some girls are acting mean for a reason – they don’t want you. But, if there are other signs that she’s horny, her acting mean is a very good thing, and she’ll only stop once you’ve given her what she wants.

Trigger it

While a woman who does not show any of these signs is probably not horny, that doesn’t mean she can’t get there. Sometimes you just have a feeling about a girl that she’s a freak in bed. And if she was only horny, you could bring that side of her out.

So how do you trigger her inner freak???

You’ll find tons of tips online about how to get a girl wet. But the fundamental one – which is also the one most often neglected – is to TAKE IT SLOW!!!

Remember I told you that girls who are quick to show their sexuality are also quick to get it over with as quickly as possible? That the girls who can control themselves are the ones who will surprise you with their kinky fantasies?

You will not regret the slow pace.

Well what better way to bring that out in her by doing the same. Take your time in working her up. Whisper softly and deeply into her ear. Touch her fingers. Sit close to her. Use sexual innuendos. Make your own quick breathing audible. The more you push her, the closer she comes to losing control.

Eventually, she’ll take over for you. Her talents will kick in and you’ll soon find yourself living out a fantasy you never knew you had. Sex with her will last hours, and be more satisfying than anything you’ve ever known.


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