Can a vibrator make you a better lover? 

The next generation of “smart” sex toys is promising to do just that. 

Equipped by biometrics, or body measurements and statistics, these devices show you how to boost your sex skills and attune your techniques to your partner.

This is the era of sex hacking, where “smart” sex toys offer savvy men the insights they need to fuck harder, better, and stronger.

As an Adonis Alpha, you know that sexual knowledge equals sexual power.

The smart approach to sex is guaranteed to leave your lady (or ladies) trembling, dripping wet in the sheets, and lusting for more.

Smart Vibrators Give You the Inside Scoop

“Ooh, you knew just how I wanted it – when I wanted it!” 

This is one of the greatest sexual compliments you can receive from a woman. 

It means that you understand her body, desires, and satisfy her before she’s even aware it.

This sexual ability is rare and highly sought-after by women, and it transforms your cock into a lust-worthy object. 

Enter the “smart vibrator.”

Smart vibrators are designed to do two things:

  • Help women masturbate
  • Provide visibility into the circumstances that contribute to orgasm so they can be repeated

This means that a smart vibrator can show you how to be a better lover (and your lady be a better masturbator).

Consider that 91% of men orgasmed in their last sexual encounter, compared to just 64% of women. This is because the female orgasm is a complex process, unlike the male orgasm (which can be brought on by a strong breeze).

Each woman’s orgasm is unique to her body, mind, and mood at a given time. Plus, everyone has different sexual preferences for what feels good.

Like a Fitbit for the vagina, a smart vibrator helps you to identify exactly what arouses your woman.

The vibrator uses biometric sensors to track her vagina’s physiological responses during masturbation, including:

  • Temperature
  • Movement
  • Pressure 
  • Pelvic floor contractions
  • Hormonal levels
  • Presence of stimulants
  • Sleep quality

By monitoring her vital patterns, the vibrator provides a clear image of what is – or isn’t– contributing to climax.

“Women can see when they had a very strong orgasm or were most in their arousal zone, and then recreate that same scenario for their next pleasure session,” said Dr. Holly Richmond, a somatic psychologist and sex therapist.

(Read: you can hack these processes to fuck her brains out every time.)

Seen below, the app for the Lioness vibrator provides a visualization of her arousal throughout a masturbation session. The peaks and valleys are the vaginal contractions that lead to climax.

With visibility into what precedes an orgasm, you can shortcut your way to earth-shattering orgasms.

For example, what motion most often make her cum? How long does she masturbate? When does she stimulate her clit or G-spot? Does she cum harder in the morning? Is the sex better when she’s sober or stoned?

Answer these questions with the app, then recreate these orgasmic circumstances. Whether you need to go for longer or excite her in a particular way, this is the fast-track to becoming a sex god.

It’s important to present the smart vibrator as an intimate and shared experience. 

Once she’s used the vibrator for a while, sit with her and look over the results. Have her walk you through the in-app visualizations so you can understand what exactly what’s driving her to orgasm.

Smart vibrators are the first of a new breed of AI-driven sex toys that are set to skyrocket our sexual capabilities. As Christmas approaches, think of these for a stocking stuffer, guys.


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