Kingcum_-_5_Aside from premature ejaculation, one of the issues that trouble men today is the volume of their ejaculation. Releasing a bigger load does not only make you feel great with every orgasm, but it is also what most women are looking to witness. It makes a man macho if he can ejaculate more. However, it appears that a lot of men do not meet the expectations of their girls in regards to their ejaculation volume.

If you are in this situation, Semenax is an ideal product to try. This Semenax review is made to present men with a reliable product that shows real results.

What is Semenax?

This product is a natural dietary supplement. Since it is natural, it is definitely safe to use. When taking this supplement, be sure to follow the instructions in the bottle which is to take it twice a day. I would like to warn you that this is not a quick fix product. However, results will show gradually. It would take about a couple of months before you experience its full effect. However, after a couple of weeks using the supplement, you will observe drastic changes on the volume of semen you ejaculate.

How Does the Product Work?

The product contains the right combination of herbs and amino acids which stimulates the body specifically the testes to produce a higher volume of seminal fluid. The concept behind Semenax is quite simple. Provide the body with the right nutrients to improve the production of sperm.

Who are the Manufacturers?

The product is manufactured by a company known as Leading Edge Health LLC. Operation by the company is done in a registered facility where other known pharmaceutical companies also create their products. A team of psysiologists and doctors do their best to ensure that the product they create is safe and effective. The product has already been in the market for over 10 years which means that people are finding it really useful.

Semenax Ingredients

Sure enough, one of your probable questions while reading the first part of this review is what are the ingredients of Semenax? I also start with this question before trying any product. This is because I want to know the ingredients I will be ingesting for any possible side effects. For Semenax, we have the following ingredients.

  • Catuaba bark – An ingredient that serves as a sexual enhancer. The sexual improvement is done through stimulation of the central nervous system.
  • Maca – It intensifies libido and improves the quality of semen. It is one of the main ingredients that makes the product effective when it comes to increasing semen production.
  • L – Arginine Hcl – It is popularly used to deal with erectile issues and infertility in males.
  • L – Lysine – This ingredient helps in the use of protein in muscle building and production of hormones and antibodies.
  • Zinc Oxide – It helps in the production of testosterone for you to always feel sexually energetic.
  • Vitamin E – Helps improve blood flow so erection is stronger and longer.

Personal Experience

I personally tried the product for two months. I followed the instructions of taking the supplement two times a day. It took me about 3 weeks before I experienced improvements. I had already prepared myself to see its effects gradually since their website already mentioned that it could take time to notice some gains, but the good part is it’s a long-term solution unlike other quick fix products that only works temporarily.

Honestly the gains were not that noticeable until it was about 3 weeks of using the product. From this period on, the effects where more noticeable but I would say that the product could do a lot more. With this, I continued using the product until I got the volume of ejaculation that I wanted.

Since I could release a bigger load, orgasms felt really great. For men who are looking for ways of increasing the amount of semen they produce, this product is certainly worth it. I also observed that having sex more than once a day does not significantly affect the volume of load I released. Whereas, during the time I don’t use the product, after the first release the next is close to none.

It worked well for me so I recommend it to other men out there looking for the right product. However, be sure to be patient. After about 2 months, you will reach the results you have been looking for.

Besides the fact of increasing the amount of semen you produce when using Semenax, here are more benefits of using the product:

  • Last longer in bed, thus being able to make your partner more satisfied and happier.
  • Have total control over your ejaculation. It helps prevent the experience of quick ejaculation.
  • Everyone can use the product regardless of their age. Even though you may not be that young anymore, the results are still the same.
  • It is completely safe for it only contains natural ingredients. Taking it in a daily basis will not cause any side effects.

Make Your Move Now

One of the reasons to try Semenax anytime is because it is composed of natural ingredients so you don’t need to worry about any possible side effects. It is good to read an honest review like the one I have presented you above, but the most important thing you can do in order to increase the amount of semen you ejaculate is to decide and make your move now. Some people are hesitant to try a product even when they are already presented with a good one that produces real results. I have made that mistake in the past as well, and went about trying shiny products without reading an honest and real customer review first. Since I have already tried the product, I can testify that it works like a charm. The effects take some time to happen, so take action now in order not to waste some precious time.


To sum up everything, Semenax is certainly an effective product that improves the volume of seminal fluids. It does not only increase your load but also improves your erection and ability to last longer in bed. The many benefits of using this product is among the reasons why it continues to be a popular product in the market today. The ingredients of the product are all approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), so you can be sure it is safe. Also, you will not have to worry about your investment as the product comes with a money back guarantee policy.


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