This article should answer any questions you may have about anal sex and some tips to having the ultimate ass pounding experience with your partner.

Why is Anal Sex Seen as a Taboo Subject?

Anal sex has been seen as taboo for years, but recently more and more women and men are trying it and finding out the delights of anal sex. It is generally never shown in films, apart from in the infamous Last Tango in Paris butter scene and has been associated with gay sex which means men and woman have not really talked about it much. It can also be thought of as dirty and painful which has put people off, but erotic adventurers are coming to realize that anal sex can be immensely stimulating and great fun and a fantastic way to spice up your sex life.

Do Men and Women Both Like Anal Sex?

Men and woman may desire anal sex for different reasons, but lets look at the shared reasons for having a spot of anal first: it is sex without the risk of pregnancy which will appeal to both sexes, but its also rather kinky, and appeals to anyone with a filthy streak and it can make you feel as though you are being dominated sexually which can be a very erotically charged experience plus you both get heightened sexual enjoyment out of it, so what’s not to like.

What Do Women Enjoy About Anal Sex?

For women, it can let her use her body as a sex object for her partner, which can be very arousing, and anal sex also makes a woman’s orgasm stronger as it lets the shaft of the cock reach her G-Spot, which will increase the strength and the length of her orgasm. Plus there is the kink factor to think about:

A woman can feel very dominated by her man when she is fucked this way, which can be a major turn on and as it is a very personal thing, it is a mark of trust to let someone anally penetrate your body.

The man can play with her pussy at the same time, or even use a dildo at the same time, leading to earth shattering screaming orgasms, so keep those windows shut!

What Do Men Love About Anal Play?

For men, anal can be a great experience as a guys anal passage already comes with a built in orgasm booster in the shape of the prostate gland, which is just inside the anus, if this is played with, either by the tongue or a finger, sex toy or a penis then it will lead to mind blowing orgasms that are simply off the chart. And nowadays many men have come to discover the erotic charms of letting their girlfriends use a butt plug or a dildo on them, it can be fun to feel sexually dominated for men too.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Have Anal?

Just always remember with anal play that comfort is very important, as nobody wants anal tearing so always lube up first, and take it easy when you first go for the kill, introduce your penis or sex toy slowly, an inch at a time, while playing with other parts of your partners body. Just keep in mind that getting the tip of the cock in usually hurts the most, so wait until you feel the anus start to loosen up then you can go for deeper penetration, and different sexual positions, so judge the speed and depth of your stroke by the moans of pleasure.

Whether you are gay or straight, ass play will make you feel really, really good and will lead to more intense orgasms.

What Are Good Positions For Anal Sex?

If you are having anal sex for the first time, it can feel a little more comfortable if the person on the receiving end is sitting on top as then they can control the depth of penetration, and once their anal passage is opened out, then change position if you want, but it can be a real turn on watching your girlfriend bounce her ass up and down your throbbing cock, and you have the added bonus of being able to look at her tits jiggle and play with her clit. Or your partner can lie on her stomach or in the doggy position, but then it is you who controls the penetration so just take it easy until she has loosened up.

The important thing is that you both enjoy the experience of anal sex, so talk about it beforehand and during, use a tonne of lube and take things slow and steady at first, and I bet you will both have a very horny time together.


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