Several moves have come up over the years with different concepts. You have probably even seen cannabis-based movies over the years, too. It isn’t something new, and there have been productions about it that may blow your mind over the years. 

If you are looking for cannabis movies, not all of them are of great quality. In these movies, you want something enjoyable and also have a bit of humor attached to it. After all, cannabis, when used for recreational purposes, can make people do crazy things. 

Here are some of the most popular movies about cannabis that are worth your time. 

How High

If you are looking for humor, creativity, and finesse embedded in the same film, this is it. You have Method Man Redman playing the leading roles in the movie. The two join Harvard and are high most of the time that they don’t do much. 

There’s a time when one even wondered how they failed women’s studies and loved women. They are out of their depth here, and the only way they’d cope is through getting high. This is just a coping mechanism, and in the process, they find something new. 

They lace one of their blunts with the ashes of a smart friend who died. This causes a reaction they didn’t expect, as they become smarter than they were before. The storyline you get here is something different from what you expect, and there are a lot of shockers. 

Soul Plane 

Have you ever seen a plane where the pilot is high? Majorly, you’d expect a pilot to be the soberest person when you get into a plane. Pilots carry themselves with grace, and you don’t even expect one to know where to buy weed, not this plane, though. The story of this flight starts as a passenger gets injured while using one of the toilets in an airline. He then gets compensation for the whole debacle and uses the money to set up his airline. Everyone he hires for his airline is a bit freakish and makes the entire concept great. 

When you want some humor to accompany your film and a bit of drama, this is the kind of movie you want to watch. You know you’re in for a ride with figures such as Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, and Method. The whole flight is lit, and it looks like something you’d want to be in. 


If you are still into humor in the film, you know you will get that when you have Chris Tucker in a movie. He is one of the funniest actors you can find in the industry ever. You get to see how far people can get high when stressed out and have nowhere to turn to. 

What you get here is not one of the best directed movies you will find out there. And you will notice that quite early enough in the film. The vibrant nature of the movie, though, makes up for the whole thing as it makes the whole movie worth watching. 

Ice Cube is initially fired from a job after he steals some cardboard, and things worsen thereon. It is more or less something that can happen to anyone, making it a lot easier to relate to. You get all the drama from sexual pastors, shootouts, and crackheads; the ghetto is real here. 


Think of it, can a Teddy Bear have a conversation with you? Does it even make any sense? Well, that’s what you get when you watch this film, as you get to enjoy some of the most creative movies you’ll ever watch. 

Mark Wahlberg is the main character in the film, which means you will get a little bit of lip and humor. Here, he wishes to have his oldest companion, his teddy, to have life and his wish comes through. He wants someone to hang around to drink and smoke with. 

That’s exactly what he gets when his teddy bear comes alive, [a worthy companion.] The foul-mouthed teddy is one of the major attractions in the films as he speaks his mind, much to the dismay of Walberg’s girlfriend. The teddy, though, helps him grow up at last after years of seemingly stagnating in life. 

When you are looking for stoner movies, you aren’t in short supply of such. A few searches and you will find plenty of them; not all are interesting, though. Above, you have the popular ones and the ones that will make your day should you watch.


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