How great is an orgasm? Want to make it even better?

Most men are scared of anything going near their anuses. It seems dirty, painful, and many guys think it would make them gay.

But you’re missing out on the best orgasm of your life!

I’m gonna be controversial here. A penile orgasm has NOTHING on a prostate orgasm. Trust me on this! A prostate orgasm lasts much longer and is way more intense than your usual climax.

When you stimulate your penis, you’ll get a moment or two of pleasure. But when you stimulate your prostate, the pleasure can last minutes. And just because you ejaculate, doesn’t mean it’s over. Yes, you can have multiple prostate orgasms!

Let me tell you how it’s done.

Finding The Prostate


What exactly is the prostate and where is it located?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It produces a milky fluid that makes up 30% of your semen.

It is located just in front of the anus, between the bladder and penis. You can see exactly where it is in the diagram below:

How to identify the prostate


That spot is called the P-Spot, or the male G-Spot, and is responsible for the most intense pleasure you’ll ever experience.

Getting there cleanly

Most men are understandably reluctant about sticking anything in their anuses. It’s just gross, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be! Milking the prostate should never disgust you. There are easy ways to keep your fingers (or toys) clean.

The nurse from Road Trip knows how to prep for it.

The simplest way is to wear latex gloves. Not only will these keep your fingers clean, they’ll also protect your anus from rough fingers or fingernails.

Another way to stay clean is to “douche” ahead of it. A douche is a device that squirts water into your ass and cleans it out. It takes a couple of minutes in the bathroom and your anus will be cleaner than ever.

This definitely makes it easier if it’s your first time. Sticking your finger up there will no longer feel so gross.

Using lube and being gentle

Another thing that puts guys off is the fear of pain. But milking the prostate shouldn’t be painful.

Make sure that your fingernails (or your girl’s fingernails) are cut short and smooth. When you’re going in, take it slow. That’s key, at least for the first few times. Until you know exactly what you’re doing, it pays to take it slow.

Most importantly, use a lot of lube. There’s loads of products on the market, some with a numbing agent to take away any potential pain. It won’t numb your orgasm, because that comes from inside the prostate.

Alone or with a girl?

Chances are you don’t feel comfortable asking your girl to milk your prostate. At least not until you’ve done it alone.

Don’t worry. You can do it perfectly well yourself, as long as you follow our steps below.

But don’t be afraid to ask your girl to do it with you. There are few pleasures greater than having your prostate milked while your dick is being sucked. Most girls are open to it – probably more so than you are.

Step By Step

The Position

Assume a position that allows easy access to your anus. Lie on your back with your legs spread wide. Alternatively, lie on your side, bend over a chair, or go on your hands and knees.

Going In



Follow these easy steps:

  • Apply lube to your forefinger and middle finger
  • Insert your forefinger slowly and gently. Move it around a bit until you start getting used to the feeling
  • Insert your middle finger
  • Push your fingers slowly in towards your navel
  • Locate the small round mass
  • Stroke the mass and see how it feels. Rub, and apply mild pressure
  • Move your fingers around, experimenting with the sensation
  • Have the best orgasm of your life

What to expect

This should be your face if you’re doing it right.

Expect to be surprised! Until you experience a prostate orgasm, you have no idea what you’re missing.

When you begin milking the prostate, you’ll feel your dick start to tingle, without even touching it. The more you massage the prostate, the more pleasure you feel in your dick.

And it’s not just your dick that’ll feel it. Some guys will experience the sensation all the way up to their abs!

You may leak a lot of precum, which is part of the pleasure. Continue milking the prostate. Some guys will come pretty early on, but that shouldn’t stop you. The pleasure will continue even after you’ve come.

Different guys like different things. Some love to milk the prostate without touching their dicks. Others love to jerk off with their other hand once they’ve been milking it for a few minutes. It’s about preference, and with experimentation you’ll find what gets you off the most.

Doing it with a girl

By milking the prostate, you can achieve sexual ecstasy on your own. But nothing beats doing it with your partner. 80% of women are willing to try milking the prostate – just ask her!

Before you get started, explain to her what she needs to do. Get her to read this article so that she’s as clued up as you are!

She will enjoy being in control.

Keep in mind that your girl might be more concerned with hygiene than you are. So make sure to have latex gloves available, and douche if she asks you to.

Once she’s in there, direct her. Tell her what’s working. Let her know if it’s hurting. Since she doesn’t have a prostate, you’re her only guide.

For me, nothing beats having my prostate massaged and my dick sucked at the same time. The pleasure is so extreme it’s almost too much. My most intense and loudest orgasms have come in this way.

Another thing you can try is to milk your prostate while you’re fucking her. While this will bring you amazing pleasure, it will be hard to focus on keeping her happy.

Milking the prostate externally

While milking the prostate as I’ve described will give you the best possible outcome, there is a way to milk the prostate without entering your anus.

It works by massaging the perineum – a spot between your anus and the base of your penis. Find it – there’s an indentation – and massage it with pressure. But not so much pressure that you’re hurting yourself.

This will give you a less intense experience, and not everyone can achieve orgasm this way.


1. Will it hurt?

It shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. If you feel pain, stop immediately. Go to your doctor for a prostate exam, to screen for prostate cancer and prostatitis. If you’re over 30, you should be doing this yearly in any case.

Some guys feel like they’re about to poop. It just about never happens, and the sensation soon passes.

2. Does it make me gay?

Fuck no! Surveys have shown that 71% of straight guys in relationships have or would try prostate milking.

While gay guys have anal sex and engage in anal play, that’s not what makes them gay. If you’re attracted to women, you are by definition not gay.

Being insecure about your masculinity is normal. But don’t limit your sex life because of it.

3. Should I use a prostate massager?

Looks like something out of Star Trek.

Prostate massagers and toys are good for two things: guys who are reluctant to put their fingers in their assholes, and extra pleasure once you’re used to prostate milking.

Good prostate massagers will stimulate the prostate on an even greater level than your fingers. If it vibrates, the pleasure is all the better. Try everything. The only regret you’ll have is if you don’t experiment.

4. Do I need to have a boner?

No! Milking the prostate will give you an orgasm whether or not you have a boner. Even guys with erectile dysfunction can have a prostate orgasm without a problem!

5. Can it give me cancer?

Milking the prostate CANNOT give you prostatitis or prostate cancer. HOWEVER, if you already have one of these conditions, milking the prostate can make it worse. If you feel pain, stop immediately and make an appointment with your doctor for a prostate exam.

*You should have an annual prostate exam if you’re over 30.

Try it NOW!

Unless you’re at work or in company (in which case, why are you reading this article?), go ahead and try it right now. Go buy some lube and latex gloves if you don’t have. You can get from your local pharmacy.

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Then carefully go through all the steps above and you’ll soon be thanking me! Just imagine if they had taught this in sex-ed!



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