Sex is a human necessity, and there’s nothing weird, spooky or shameful about it. It comes with numerous health benefits other than procreation and pleasure. But most of us will agree that sex is not just the intercourse act between a man and a woman. It could be between two or more people of the same gender, oral, vaginal, anal, or solo. Solo sex, which is the main theme of this article, is otherwise known as masturbation. For you guys; starting by briefly defining what male masturbation is, here are some types of male masturbators that best stimulate the real thing.

What’s Male Masturbation?

Simply put, this is where a man has some solo fun with self-pleasuring turning himself on through stimulating some of his pleasure zones to the point of ejaculation or orgasm according to Kelly J. Connell, a renowned sex educator, and counselor. Some common pleasure points include the penis, testicles, anus, and the prostate, just to name a few. Male masturbation is known to have many benefits attached to it, including improving self-esteem, helping with sleep, improving sexual health, combating impotence, and reducing stress. It can be done using the hand but this has apparently been overtaken by events in this age and day. Also known as male masturbators, adult toys for men have been proven to provide more pleasure, increase the intensity of orgasm and help explore areas that cannot be explored by hand. 

Below are some examples men can use for their solo sessions of sex pleasure.

1. Automatic Strokers

Just like you can tell from the name, this is a male adult toy designed for penile masturbation without having to use your hands. Even though there’s a wide range of automatic stocker toys on the market the device simply requires you to insert the head of the penis and the vibrations from the toy do the rest. The Cobra Libre 2, for instance, is made using what they call medical-grade silicone, making it comfortable on the penis and easy to use, clean, maintain. Another example is the Manta Vibrating Stroker from Fun Factory, which comes with some suction pump that provides a firm grip for intense orgasms.

2. Fleshlights

Yet another masturbation toy that is highly popular among men is the Fleshlight. It gets its name from its design, which mimics the shape of a flashlight. At one end, it has a hole that gives the anatomical shape and feel of a vagina, mouth, or anal hole. This is where the penis is inserted during masturbation for men who need maximum pleasure. The best thing about fleshlights is that they come in a wide range of options, including vaginal, oral, and anal fleshlights for men adore a tighter feel more. This means that even if your partner is a bit preservative on the positions you can explore together, the fleshlight can be a solution to fulfilling your fantasies. It’s all about what you prefer, crave for, or would like to explore. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, and shapes, especially the vaginal varieties.

3. Autoblow

An auto-blow can be a great masturbator option for men who like the oral sex experience. The toy is created such that the hole where you insert your penis mimics the form of a mouth. It is also automatic and moves up and down your member so you can get a mind-blowing orgasm without having to use your hands.

4. Prostate Stimulators

Unbeknownst to many, the prostate gland is also known as the P-spot or the male G-spot. Located just a few inches in your rectum, between the penis and the bladder, this is the gland that secretes semen. It’s that part, if well stimulated, can give a man a level of sexual pleasure they’ve never experienced before. In addition to providing extreme pleasure in male masturbation, prostate massage has many benefits, including improving urinary flow, fighting erectile dysfunction, and combating painful ejaculation, just to name a few. Prostate stimulators, which come in a wide range of designs and sizes, allow men to explore their P-spot without having to use their fingers. Just to name a few, some examples of prostate stimulators that you can look for include the Lelo Loki, the Lelo Hugo, the Aneros Helix Syn, and Njoy Pure Wand.

male masturbators

Amid the many benefits that we mentioned earlier, solo sex can be a good way for men to explore their sexuality, fulfill their desires and see their sexual fantasies come to life. Using sex toys during masturbation can also help improve your prowess in bed. The above are just a few types of male masturbators you can use for a whole new experience during your solo sessions.


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