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Little Known Ways to Spark Attraction

Get her hooked to you forever

Attraction is triggered, it’s emotion. It’s not logic. You cannot logically convince a girl that you’re attractive.  You can’t go up to her and say, “What’s up bitch, i’m attractive. Now you must like me.” No, it does not happen like that.  

I’m going to try to make you completely internalize and instinctualize all these methods so that you can use these methods anytime you want , anywhere you want.  Girls will feel an intense pull of sexual desire almost immediately once you make these methods a part of your life and immerse yourself in them.

Now before beginning I suggest that if you want to ingrain all this inside you then do the following steps:

  1. Take action on the go.
  2. Believe in yourself and the fact that you’re insanely attractive.  REMEMBER:  What you think, you attract.
  3. Become adventurous. It’s your experiences that are going to shape you into the man you want to become.

Now, i would like to let you know that it’s fine if you’re not able to apply all of these techniques and methods.  Even 50-60% is enough to differentiate you from the crowd. So don’t take too much stress and just enjoy the process.

Becoming Unlimited

To become attractive and spark anybody’s attention first of all you need to become unlimited.  You need to become a man of abundance.  First of all, you must find yourself acceptable to you. What do you think about the man in the mirror matters a lot when it comes to attraction?


Whatever reality you create for yourself is going to be your mirror for other’s as well.  That is exactly how others are going to see you as well.

You must have a wholesome self-image and respect for yourself. You must have a self that you can trust and believe in. You must have a self that you are not ashamed to be, and one that you can feel free to express creatively, rather than hide or cover up.

You need to show your real self to everyone, especially women.  This real self within you is attractive. It is magnetic. This is what is going to hook women to you.

Your life is however and whatever you want it to be.  Always see a calm, confident, sexy and powerful man in yourself. Always believe that you’re irresistible. I mean what woman wouldn’t wanna do with you. You’re the Shining light at the end of the tunnel. You’re the man to savor.

If you see life from the lenses of your insecurities then every time you’ll find excuses to not do something. How you look at yourself and how you perceive things around you is so important. It’s the Game changer.  Have NO filters or protocols around you. Be FREE.


Attractive Body Language

Now whenever I discuss body language and especially attractive body language people think I am discussing about being dominant.  They think that being dominating is attractive. But the truth is, it’s not. In fact it scares a lot of people away.  People think dominant body language means standing like Kong and thinking they’re going to rip everyone apart. The truth is dominance has a lot more to do with you, than the posture you create, or how you walk and all of that.  It’s being super comfortable with yourself and being dominant in your own skin.  It’s about the confidence that you exude. [read my article on confidence here]

Now i’m going to let you in on little known body language tips but still know the fact that you need to be in your own skin.  REMEMBER:  Congruency is more important than everything else.

Little known body language secrets:

  • Slower Movements
    Don’t be too reactive or twitchy. And don’t fucking fidget. It’s the ultimate attraction killer.
  • Take Up More Space
    Usually it is done so that you become more comfortable.  Take up and own your space.When you get comfortable, people around you also start getting comfortable.  And that’s where attraction happens. As who doesn’t want to be comfortable?
  • Lean AwayThis shows that you’re calm, composed and not totally sold on her. So she needs to work more on you.
  • Show your Crotch
    Spread your legs apart and take big, wide stances.  Let them hang loose for everyone to see.  Notice, there is a pattern in all these body language secrets.  That is COMFORT. Whose comfort?  Of course, yours, idiot.

Break the Bitch Shield

Let the games begin.  Now you’re ready to attract her. It’s time to approach her.  No matter what you say chances are she’s going to play hard to get.  She’ll test you first. She wants to see if you are a high status Alpha Male or not?  She has been hit on by so many men that it’s almost a pre-requisite for her to test every male that approaches her.  It’s hard for her to believe you at first.  That’s why she tests you to check if you’re weak or strong? Are you an Adonis Alpha or not?

Little known secrets to pass her test:

  •  Be Unfazed or Unaffected
    No matter how she reacts or what she says when you approach her and start talking you must be unfazed. You can’t get intimidated by anything.  Your eyes must be on the prize and nothing else.  You can’t get affected at all as this is the deal breaker. This is the make or break situation.
  • Give her a sarcastic response
    You need to respond to her test in a sarcastic, funny and an arrogant way.  You must be calm, collected and respond in a way that shows she doesn’t affect you.  Be challenging to her. As challenge is where the fun is. That’s when she’s emotionally invested in you and hooked to you.

Now that you have sparked attraction, it’s time to move a step further.


Being completely in sync with someone else is creating rapport with them. Rapport is the ability to enter someone else’s world, to make her feel that you understand her, that you have a strong common bond.  It’s the ability to enter their world and find common ground.  It’s the essence of strong communication.

The most successful way to create Rapport is Mirroring.  When you try to mirror her physiology, you’ll be able to experience not only the same state but also the same experiences and thoughts. Now, imagine how easy it’ll become for you to find common ground with her and get her hooked to you.

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REMEMBER:  Mirroring is a skill. It takes practice to develop.  Focus on the little things as well such as mirror her facial expressions, posture and even breathing as it’s the little things that combine to make big differences.

When people have rapport then they feel like they have a long deep connection with each other.

Always act with people, even strangers that you’re their old best friend.  Never play it safe. Give all that you got and be all that you are.

Funny Games

Now you’ve won her trust and she’s slowly into you. It’s time to break the trust barrier and get her hooked to you forever. I suggest that the best way to do this is to play funny games with her.
Some Examples are:

  • Staring Contest
    Get into a staring contest with her with a wager on. Probably drinks.  Rules are simple. No turning the head. Blinking is allowed.  After about 60 seconds, slowly start getting closer and closer to her until you are either kissing her or she turns away. If she turned away when you kissed her then she lost the game.  This is a great way to go for a kiss or get a free drink. And this won’t make you needy, greedy or creepy as well. As it’s just a game and you’re trying to win it.
  • 3, 2, 1, Game
    This is a good game for going for a kiss.  Just say, “Let’s play a game. It’s called the 3 2 1 game. I’m going to count down from 3 to 1 and when I get to 1 you either have to kiss me on the lips or slap me on the face, ready here we go 3 2 1…”  The countdown should be really fast. Make sure to lean in and go for the kiss as soon as you start counting down.  But somehow if she slaps you then take it like a champion and say something funnier along the lines that- You’re so cruel. How could you slap me? Now you must compensate me by giving me something. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a kiss, it could be anything.  Or you could try push-pull here by saying:
    You – You’re so cruel and you know how I treat cruel girls?
    Her – How?
    You – I give them a tight, sensual French kiss. But unfortunately for you, it’s my night off.
  • The “What I don’t like” game
    In this game you two will discuss what you don’t like. It’s a great way to build up deep connection as well. After two or three rounds say:
    You – I don’t like bad kissers. I bet you are bad as well. As cute girls are rarely good at kissing.
    She – No I’m fine.
    You – No, you’re not. And if you’re then prove me.Now if she goes for the kiss, you must first pull back after a few seconds and say…hmm….as I thought you’re just average.By this point she will be infuriated. And will give her all in another kiss. And now you must play your GAME.
    You – Break the kiss and say: “Why are you doing this to me? You’re the worst. I hate you. Are you trying to hypnotize me? Why are you making me think these thoughts about you? Go away from me.”
    At this point she will be filled with emotions and shocked too as she starts to walk away.  Now you go and hold her hand, pull her towards you and give her the kiss of her life. By now you would have turned her on so much that you could even initiate sex from here.

Adult couple on sofa in home Free Photo

You can try all these games with her to break the touch barrier and get intimate with her.
And now, she’s hooked to you forever. Check out 5 signs if a girl really wants you.


We discussed all the little things which you can add up to spark attraction on literally any women that you want to.

Now, on an ending note I would just like to let you know that Whatever you do, do it because you want to amuse yourself.  You want to please yourself. Don’t do it for the girl or anyone else.  If you do it for yourself then all this that we discussed just now will start coming naturally to you and you won’t have to force anything.  You’ll become naturally attractive.

Accepting touching or allowing a man to enter into intimate space is a sure sign of attraction by a woman.

All touching establishes closeness and intimacy. Especially when initiated by a woman, it is a sign of sexual interest.

Little known laughter facts:

  1. Don’t laugh to make her laugh.
  2. Don’t laugh unconsciously or consciously to break tension.

Create mental puzzles for women when you’re not around.  Tell her She’s everything you never thought you wanted.  But don’t tell her what. Let her guess.

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