Can a pussy transform into a “water gun” because of a full-force orgasm? Or it’s nothing, but a porn myth?

If you’re wondering about the same thing, you have come to the right place! Today, we’re going to discuss about one of the most controversial sex issues and answer the question, is squirting real or not?

What Is Squirting Made Of? Is It Pee?

Don’t be naïve. If your woman is a squirter, the liquid that she ejaculates is not pee– even though it looks like one.
You’ve got to face the rain!

To support that, one woman tested this out by eating a lot of asparagus to see if the liquid coming out of her pussy is pee. Later that night, she pleasured herself to the extent of squirting and smelled it after. It doesn’t smell like asparagus at all! Which only implies that it’s not urine after all.

Female ejaculate is made of prostatic fluid, glucose, water, creatine, and very small amount of urea. In simpler terms, we can say that it’s similar to male ejaculate, but very watered down and without the sperm.

The Anatomy of a Squirter

Female ejaculation comes from the “Skene’s gland” that’s better known as the female prostate. This gland is located close to the G-Spot and surrounded by the urethra. That’s why, during intercourse or sexual stimulation, the glands become filled up with fluid, making a woman gush during her orgasm (Read: 3 Secrets on How to Make Your Girl Squirt!).

The Peeing Sensation
This is what she might have in mind.

Those who have never squirted before will think that the urge to ejaculate is an indication of a bathroom visit. Even though is has the similar sensation for the need to pee, it’s just means they’re close to squirting.

Also, when a woman is very horny, it’s almost impossible for her to pee, but the usual assumption is it’s not pussy juice, but pee. So, she’ll try hard to control this, preventing herself from squirting.

So, for guys out there, if a woman tells you that she needs to pee in the middle of intercourse, try your best to comfort her. Tell her that you wouldn’t mind if she “pee” during sex, because what she’s going to release is not urine, but female ejaculate.

Are All Women Squirters?

All women can squirt, because they have the anatomy that allows this. However, those who think that they can’t squirt, lies on the fact that the strength of the muscles in that area prevents them from ejaculating. It can also be a psychological issue. Women who think that they’re just getting the urge to pee every time they’re close to squirting, will hold back and prevent themselves from releasing the fluid.

Does Squirting Mean Orgasm?
Look out when you see this face!

Generally speaking, when women release pussy juice, it can indicate that she’s also cumming. However, there are some women who can squirt without orgasming at all, and it’s often caused by an emotional block. That’s why it’s important to support your girl and make her feel that you’re emotionally available for her so that she can enjoy the sensations of an orgasm while she gushes.

Can There Be a Round 2?

Even though she has already released her pussy juice, this doesn’t mean that everything is done. In fact, she’ll be hornier by now and you can take advantage of that!


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