Men. Their fertility is so important, that once the volume of ejaculate decreases, they see it as a problem that lowers self confidence, making them less manly.

For those who can easily go for the second round, their “load” isn’t really a big deal. However, for those who are experiencing weaker orgasms, they begin to realize that the volume of semen released during ejaculation isn’t as much as it used to be.

This is something that one shouldn’t be embarrassed about. More than 85% of the male population have been looking for ways on how they can boost semen production, especially during orgasm.

Producing a good load of semen can make a guy feel manlier, sexier, and the orgasm becomes mind numbing and breathtaking.

… Best of all, it also makes a man more virile.

Basically, an increase in the volume of fluid during orgasm, results in an increase in the amount of sperm being produced, and these sperms are often high motility.

Fertility Rate of Men: Is It Declining?

Smarts might make up for numbers.

Over the years, the rate of fertility among men continues to decrease. In fact, studies show that the average sperm count has lowered by as much as 42% over the past decades.

There are a number of causes of this phenomena; oftentimes, it’s environmental, but can be biological as well. As you age, the sperm production eventually decreases, and an unhealthy lifestyle can also negatively affect the sperm production.

Now, let’s try to observe some of the most common reasons that have an impact on sperm and semen production. Is it possible to stop the process or turn it around so that you’ll start producing higher volumes of semen again?

The answer is, YES, it’s possible.

Lifestyle Changes for Improvement

There are several lifestyle changes that can be utilized in order to increase your sperm count and produce healthier sperm.

Considered to be one of the best ways to boost ejaculate are the following:

Sex Should be Done LESS Often

Obviously, the more you engage in sex or masturbate, the more you ‘waste’ your resources.

No need to be embarrassed. Just do it less often.

On the other hand, abstaining from masturbation and sex for days or so can help in improving the amount of ejaculate.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Don’t forget to follow a healthy lifestyle too. There are certain foods that can improve sperm count. These foods promote better health, both for your body and reproduction. Stay away from burgers and fries, because these will just do the opposite. Likewise, cut out alcohol, fast food, coffee, and other wastes that your body doesn’t even need at all.

Quit Smoking and Lose Weight

This is crucial to sperm vitality. Stay away from cigarettes and any form of drugs. Not only will it damage your health, it will also negatively affect your reproduction.

This might be a little extreme.

Aside from that, it’s also important to lose weight, because being overweight can trigger an increase in the estrogen levels. These hormones aren’t helpful at all! Shed off those extra pounds in order to regain the manly hormones and be able to produce more sperm.

Stay Hydrated

In America alone, most men are dehydrated. Little did they know that drinking water can also increase the amount of ejaculate.

The Fastest Way to Increase Semen as much as 500%

Healthy lifestyle changes are some of the natural and effective ways to increase your sperm count. However, this will also take a lot of time, patience, and dedication before you can reap the benefits.

Fortunately, there’s a faster way to amp up the production of your semen. Finding the right enhancer or supplement that’s packed with all the herbal ingredients and amino acids needed to improve the sexual prowess and fertility can be the answer to your problem.

One of the best supplements, and the top rated male enhancer today is Semenax. It has a combination of essential ingredients that have been scientifically formulated in order to increase the ejaculate, while improving the fertility at the same time.

Side effects of Semenax.

That’s not all, it also increases the ejaculatory fluids, resulting in a more intense orgasm. It contains 18 medicinal ingredients, such as:

L- Arginine HCL: Studies show that this compound is capable of doubling the sperm count.

L- Lysine: When used together with zinc, it stimulates testosterone production, improves sperm production, and quality of semen.

Zinc Oxide: Improves motility and sperm quantity by up to 200%.

Epimendium Sagittatum (horny goat weed): Improves sex drive, as well as the testosterone levels of the body.

Overall, Semenax (Read My Semenax Review Here) is the most effective way to increase sexual desire, virility, and even fertility!


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