“Cum.” You have probably heard this word more than a million of times. By that, you’re already aware that it’s the slang term for semen, right? The fluid ejaculated at the tip of a man’s member during orgasm. Though, the real question would be, what exactly is ‘semen’?

Allow us to enlighten your minds as we discuss some of the semen characteristics and facts that you’re probably unaware of. Read on to find out.

How to Detect Normal Semen?

The Look: A normal semen is usually greyish or cloudy white in color. Likewise, after an ejaculation, there are instances where the semen may appear jelly-like. Though, within half an hour, it typically becomes clear. Based on studies, the thickening and liquefaction of semen is an essential part of the reproduction process.

That’s not what Darwin had in mind. funnyand.tumblr.com

The Taste: Semen is a little bit sweet because of its high fructose content. However, it could also vary from one person to another, because diet can also affect its taste.

The Smell: If you’re worried that your semen smells like chlorine, rest assured that it’s completely normal.

How Much Semen is Normally Produced

The volume of ejaculate can differ, and it usually depends on how well-hydrated a person is, as well as the number of times he ejaculated in a short span of time. Generally, the average ejaculate is around half-teaspoon, but it could be more than that.

During intercourse, the volume of ejaculate is the greatest the first time you orgasm and it gets lesser after that.

Overexcitement can do this. giphy.com

Also, the volume decreases as men age and the prostate becomes larger. Though, this is not an indication that the potency is also decreasing– which proves that the belief wherein the volume of ejaculate fluid is related with virility is false.

What Is Pre-Cum?

Pre-cum is the clear secretion from the glands of Littre coming out of the urethra whenever you’re sexually aroused. As the name suggests, it comes before ejaculation.

Blood in the Semen: What Is It?

The presence of blood in the semen can be an indication of a broken blood vessel that resulted from force ejaculation. This isn’t something one should be alarmed of, because it typically subsides after a day or so. However, if the semen continues to look brown or red, it could be a signal of infection. Likewise, the yellowish discharge from the urethra is often associated with STD, and can be cured with the use of antibiotics.

Friendly Reminder: It’s advisable to consult a doctor when it seems like the ejaculate has a strong, foul smell. This could be an indication of prostate cancer.

How Long Does it Take for a Sperm to Grow?

On average, it takes two and a half months for the sperm to develop inside the scrotum before it gets murdered by hundred of millions during masturbation!

Is Semen Nutritious?

A mouth full of nutrients. primicias24.com

It contains magnesium, vitamin C, phosphorous, fructose, vitamin B12, nitrogen, zinc, calcium, and many more. Not just that, the average ejaculate contains as much protein as an egg white. That said, it’s a life-giving nutrition that only contains 20 calories! Better start swallowing it now (Read: The Perfect Way to Swallow His Entire Load Like a Blowjob Goddess!).

Believe it or not, semen is packed with essential nutrients.

Good Diet Ensures Good Sperm

Stay hydrated. giphy.com

One’s dietary habits can contribute to sperm count and quality. Some of the best foods that can give you a vibrant, healthy sperm includes bananas, oysters, asparagus, walnuts, lean beef, chocolate, and garlic. Drinking plenty of water is also advisable.

There you have it, these are just some of the basic facts that you need to familiarize yourself about.


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