How to swallow cum can be easy or tough depending on how you approach it. Like everything else in bed, the right technique is usually as important as the desire to do it. A lot of women shy away from taking down a mouthful of cum after giving a guy a blowjob. This is for various reasons, including taste, hygiene concerns, or just plain dislike.

Furthermore, many women would rather turn away than watch a man swallowing their own vaginal juice! In fact, kissing a woman right after giving her a good vaginal licking is a usually not a welcome treat. This mainly stems from a misunderstanding of what cum exactly contains, and its effects after swallowing. Of course, most times it does not taste anywhere close to a lollipop!

Does Your Man Want You to Swallow His Load?

The vast majority of men would totally love it if you swallowed every ounce of his cum. Many men may not openly ask for it, for fear of antagonizing you. This is because they are aware of the hesitance women have towards swallowing semen. Secretly however, almost every man is grossly disappointed when a mouthful of his precious cum is spat out like garbage.

Next comes the ring …

Why would a man love his load to shoot down your throat? For starters, men do take down a lot of vaginal juice when giving women a pussy lick. This is especially so when she is sitting on top of his face, and dripping into his mouth like Niagara Falls. Men do not mind it. Vaginal fluid has a deeply arousing scent and taste for many guys.

Men therefore feel shortchanged when women spit out cum after a blowjob. After all, what’s great for the gander must be great for the goose, right? Semen may not win any beauty contest though. Its thick slimy look absolutely does it no favors. The taste can be on the off side at times, depending on what he has been eating lately. Luckily though, the taste can be greatly enhanced in several ways.

How to Have a Delicious Tasty Cum

Semen tastes exactly like what you eat or drink. Certain foods enhance the taste of cum, while others completely ruin it. The taste will range from salty to cheesy, unless enhanced by diet. The worst offenders are greasy foods, coffee, artichokes, and asparagus. In fact, if your woman does not like the taste of anything you eat, she will not like how your load tastes. The best foods for a delicious tasty cum are sweet fruits and fruit juice. This will flavor your cum, making it nice to take down.

How to Shoot a Lot of Cum

The volume of cum can also be increased from measly drops to a large shooting load. In order to produce or shoot big amounts of semen, ensure you take lots of water, vegetables, and fruits. You will also need supplements such as zinc, horny goat weed, and folic acid. Stay away from soda, tight underwear, smoking, and stress. Staying fit and doing PC muscle exercises will also increase your load dramatically.

What are the Benefits of Swallowing Cum?

It can even put you in a smiling mood.

You probably would want to know exactly what is contained in cum before lapping every drop of it. Semen actually contains only 1% of sperm. That’s the stuff that comes from the balls and makes you pregnant. The rest comes from the prostate gland. Semen would easily beat every single food on the planet in a nutrient contest.

It contains essential proteins, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, hormones, sugars, and other healthy nutrients. Swallowing cum has been proven to soften and smoothen skin, make hair grow faster and thicker, and even prevent wrinkles and ageing. It contains powerful antidepressants such as serotin. Swallowing his load will therefore make you younger, look great, and feel happier!

Swallowing cum is not without its risks. Cum from a man with a sexually transmitted infection such as syphilis, gonorrhea, or hepatitis can be dangerous. It is therefore important to get tested to ensure that you are both healthy. Aside from that, cum is perfectly safe to swallow and will definitely not make you pregnant!

How to Swallow Cum Like a Goddess

Take your time.

Swallowing cum begins with a great blowjob. This is very important because you don’t want to ruin the whole experience with bad head. A mind blowing blowjob will cook his brains, and by the time you swallow his load, he will be toast. However, even if your blowjob is not the greatest, learning how to swallow cum will instantly blow him to Mars.

The first thing is to get used to the taste. This will make it much easier to take his whole load down. Let him come over your face or body for a start, and lick a drop or two. The taste should not be a problem if he has been drinking lots of pineapple juice. Like a lot of things you eat, semen is an acquired taste for many. With time, you will actually get to like it. Keeping an open mind is very important.

Once you are ok with the taste, swallowing is pretty easy. Just let him come in your mouth, and swallow everything like it’s the best milk shake in the northern hemisphere.

If you cannot get used to the taste, swallow his entire load as soon as he shoots into your mouth. Do not let it linger on your tongue, because you will get the full taste. You can keep a glass of fruit juice nearby to wash it down afterwards.

Deep throating is another great tactic to use. Give him an awesome blowjob, and then once you feel him stiffening and about to shoot his cum, take his dick deep into your throat. Let him shoot his load straight down your throat. This will ensure cum is not released in your mouth for you to taste it. Additionally, men love unloading cum deep into a woman’s throat.

Practice makes perfect.

Learning how to swallow cum can make a big difference to your relationship. A man will be totally endeared to you if you swallow his entire load. It is a sign of acceptance and closeness when you actually do it. Furthermore, shooting a lot of cum into a woman’s throat is a dominant gesture, which is sure to boost his male ego and performance in bed. Swallowing his load is a submissive and totally arousing gesture, which will make any man nuts about a woman.


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