Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis. But if you think this article is just about an A+ handjob, think again.

Lingam massage is an aspect of Tantric sex, a practice used for thousands of years to skyrocket a man’s sexual pleasure and induce massive orgasms of otherwise impossible duration, depth, and satisfaction. 

Unlike a basic “happy ending,” Lingam gives the man’s entire pelvic area – not just the penis – a thorough going-over.

This unleashes a spiraling cascade of erotic sensation that culminates in a mind-shattering and body-shuttering eruption.

As someone who’s received a handful of Lingam massages – these are the cliff-notes on what you should expect from a good Lingam massage.

1. Get Into The Mood

For best results, Lingam massage should be received in a relaxing atmosphere. 

This is becuase the man must be able to surrender completely to the ever-escalating pleasure at the hands of The Giver. 

Imagine warm and subtle waves of electricity arcing over your whole body, energizing your senses, stiffening your cock, elevating you into an erotic haze …

This ecstatic state can only be accessed if Lingam is given in a space free of distractions.

Find a time when you won’t be interrupted. Turn off your phones and turn on some mellow music. Lay in a bed with plenty of soft pillows, warm blankets, and perhaps some candles. 

Use this space to connect with your masseuse and settle into the pleasure to come.

2. Grab the Warm Oil

Lingam focuses on the man’s genitals but begins as a full-body massage.

Once you both strip down, the woman will ask you to lie on your stomach. Then she’ll begin to massage your whole back-body with warm oil. 

Like all Tantric practices, Lingam is most effective when the blood is circulating and the whole body is involved.

Orgasm isn’t the explicit goal of Lingam massage, but if you’ve never had your ass massaged – it’s highly erotic and supercharges any sex afterward.

It’s customary in Lingam to tell The Giver what you like, and for her to thank you for giving her insight into how to please you further.

3. Roll Over And Enjoy

When you roll onto your back, the woman may place a pillow under your hips to heighten the final stage of the Lingam massage. 

The woman will sit between your legs and begin to massage your front with warm oil – nipples, pecs, abdomen, inner thighs, testicles… 

Eventually, she’ll apply firm pressure to the pelvic bone above the penis with small circular motions.

Next, she’ll use alternating techniques, grips, and pressures to arouse the shaft and the head of your penis (if you weren’t already diamond-hard).

Imagine the sensation of an oil-soaked palm rotating around the head of your cock, the long swoop of her hand over your shaft, the surge of pleasure as she changes direction…

There are 25 different motions in Lingam massage, and here are some images of the techniques.

Your cock will feel worshipped. Resist the urge to participate. 

Surrender to the sexual devotion of the woman. You’ll reach an epic orgasm after the mounting pleasure has entirely overwhelmed your senses.

I’ve personally enjoyed several Lingam massages in different cities. 

In my opinion, the Lingam massage in London is the best. The lady giving the massage was beautiful and deferential to my every wish, yet knew her techniques and how to skyrocket my pleasure into the final, epic ejaculation at just the exact right moment.


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