“I came!” Nothing is more embarrassing than shooting your load before you even enter the wet cave!

Likewise, it’s no fun for the woman and definitely embarrassing for a guy, when it all ends after two minutes or earlier than what you have expected. This makes the guy feel small, worthless, useless, and the result? It makes the problem even worse!

Seriously speaking, we can say that men are usually insecure about two things: the size of their penis and sex. Men from all walks of life believe that having a huge dick means they’re better in bed and being able to last for a long time is similar to being able to breathe underwater.

Unfortunately, around 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation and it has been a serious concern for most.

Contrary to popular belief, the real cause is not physical, but mental.

In other words, the penis isn’t really malfunctioning at all, but the brain. That being said, it’s actually possible to learn how you can control an orgasm and avoid cumming out too early.

How Long Does It Take for Her to Cum?

For those who are not aware, it takes more time for women to reach orgasm as compared to men– that’s also one of the main reasons why it’s important to last longer in bed.

First you need to get this reaction. ofacegallery.tumblr.com

Though, the real question is, how long does it exactly take a woman to reach her peak? Obviously, this will depend on what a man does during intercourse. Studies suggest that it can take an average of 15 minutes for a woman to reach her FIRST orgasm. Remember, women can cum a number of times, and nothing beats the experience of having multiple orgasm during sex.

That’s why it’s necessary to last for more than 15 minutes in bed to give a woman her first orgasm, and maybe give her multiple orgasms if you can.

The techniques mentioned below will help you last longer in bed. Keep in mind, lasting long is a LEARNABLE skill, as long as you have the determination and motivation to please your partner.

Home Remedies: Yay or Nay?

Yes, the Internet is filled with home remedies on how to last longer in bed. Our opinion? We don’t really recommend most of these popular remedies. We believe that it’s better to figure out how you can take control of the situation, so that you can enjoy what is happening. Here are some of the most popular “home remedies.”

The Basketball Technique
Think of something that’s not related to sex. Although this technique can work, it’s not a good way of distracting yourself while you fuck your partner. She may sense that you’re trying to put an invisible wall between you and the act. This can result to World War III and be prepared that she’ll dump you for a “better guy.”

Don’t use the whole rainbow. estudihambre.com.mx

We’re talking about using 2-3 condoms while having sex. Although this could decrease the sensation and allow you to last longer, it also decreases the efficiency of the latex. Unless both of you are STD-free or is using another birth control method, don’t ever dare.

Pills, pills everywhere! There are some products claiming that they can help you last longer. The truth is, most of these just lessen the sensation of the penis, and it could even affect you negatively in the long run.

The Real Cure for Lasting Longer in Bed

Usual Premature Ejaculation Solutions That Are Short-Lived

Just like the home remedies, these natural techniques do work, but we can’t guarantee that they’ll solve your problem permanently. Let’s just say, in order to enjoy their ‘magic,’ you have to perform them religiously, or the deal is off. Here are some of the most common ‘quick-fixes’ that you can find (and probably have tried).

Note: Some of these techniques can be quite embarrassing to use in front of your lover.

Masturbation before having sex
Most guys say this really works because you’ll be cumming during your wanking session and that means, it’ll take longer to ‘build up’ during sex.

Proper breathing
“Breathe in, breathe out.” The reason why this method actually works is because it will make you relaxed if you’re tensed, which means the tension building up in your penis will also loosen up a little. The problem is, it can be difficult to remind yourself to relax while you’re being wild with her.

This is always good advice. i.ebayimg.com

Lube It Up!
The greater the friction, the greater the stimulation; and the greater the stimulation, the more difficult it is to last longer. That’s why keeping a bottle of lube handy during sex and drowning her fuck hole with it can lessen the sensation of your penis.

Premature Ejaculation Pills
Most premature ejaculation pills are made of a mix of natural herb extracts. That’s why most of these are readily available online, and there’s no need to see a doctor just to get a prescription. Although most are perfectly safe, it’s important to ensure that you’ll only buy from a trusted brand.

A More Permanent and Fool-Proof Fix for Premature Ejaculation

Don’t Go Deep!
If it feels like going deeper will make you explode, then perform more shallow thrusts. Likewise, if you can alternate between shallow and deep thrusts, the better it’ll be. This will make the experience more fun for both of you!

Slow Down a Little
You’re not a jackhammer and the vagina isn’t going anywhere. So, take your time and enjoy the ride. Based on studies, sex at a slower pace allows people to connect and it’s more sensual than trying to finish the deed as soon as you can.

Nice and steady wins the race. slow-fuck.tumblr.com

The Real Reason on Why You CANNOT Last Longer in Bed: It’s All in Your BRAIN

So, you have tried to solve the problem using pills, natural remedies, and every kind of treatment you can think of, just to last a little longer. Unfortunately, none of these work– if you’re lucky, you were able to experience a short term relief, but that’s it! You still have a ‘leaky’ penis that can’t even go on a full blast right when you need it.

Have you ever thought that perhaps, the real cause of your premature ejaculation problem, lies deep within your body– affecting both hormonal reaction and mental control to ejaculation?

Try to remember your biology class. Do you remember the substance, ‘serotonin’? It’s one of the most important chemicals that’s not only used to delay ejaculation, but it’s also essential to perform a number of bodily functions:

The Nervous System (Let’s Be Scientific)

A healthy and efficient nervous system will help you control ejaculation, and it has been said that most ejaculation problems are associated with the autonomic nervous function.

Herbs That Can Help You Last Longer

a) Fenugreek: It’s packed with saponins that are very effective in increasing sex hormones, while reducing premature ejaculation at the same time.
b) Gingko Biloba: It’s a natural aphrodisiac that can help a guy in maintaining his erection longer, while improving the blood flow of the penis. Obviously, this will allow you to control the release of your cum.
c) 5-HTP: It’s a component of the neurotransmission of serotonin, which only implies that it can prevent premature climax too.

Mind over Muscle

Lastly, we believe that the most effective way on how you can plug that leaky penis of yours is by training your mind. Thinking, “I don’t want to cum yet!” is still thinking about ejaculation. Instead, focus your attention on something else. We’re not saying that you should recite sports stats or look at your dogs while making love to your woman. It’s still important to be fully present in the moment.

However, instead of thinking about your sperm shooting out of your penis or worrying that you’ll release it before she does, focus on pleasing your partner instead.

Enjoy how you can make her feel good and take pleasure in that.

For example, instead of thinking how awesome she is at giving you blow jobs, think about how much she enjoys it when you eat her out. How her nipples react when you lick it, and so on.

Give her control and she will ride for hours. fuck-her-right-and-slow.tumblr.com

Now that you have diverted your attention– from your penis to your partner, your breathing will start to slow down, and so as your penis muscles. This will make you last for a long time in bed.

Believe it or not, if you’ll keep on doing this, you can even last for several hours and the orgasm will be more intense that how it usually is.


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