Although anal sex is not the first thing to come to mind when talking pleasures, it can be an incredibly hot experience. Men like it because the hole is tighter than normal vaginal sex. However, you need to be warned. Anal sex isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have any desire for it, don’t try it. Do not cave into pressure of doing something that you are not comfortable with. In this article, we tell you the anal sex best practices. Here’s what’s hot and what’s not in regards to anal sex.

First, Prepare Well

• Ensure you are in the mood

You need to be totally cool and relaxed and not like you want to go to the washroom. While booze is not recommended to facilitate calmness before anal sex, try a glass of wine to relax your muscles.
You could start by taking a shower together.

Being too tense and uncomfortable will result into the anus being locking down and preventing anybody or anything from getting in.

• Clean up

Cleanliness factor is among the biggest fear that people harbor when it comes to anal sex. Do not fall for what you normally see in porn. These actors and actresses do a lot of prep work before engaging in anal. Preparation can sometimes be extreme, including avoiding any food at all for a whole day as well as anal douching. Douching is not only safe but also simple. You may choose to buy an anal kit or enema kit.

• Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate

Although the vagina normally self-lubricates, lubrication is a must for anal sex. You might have seen porn stars spit in the butt before roaming the dick home. This is because she could be pre-lubed using a water-based product which means that saliva simply rehydrates it. Thick gel-like lubes tend to produce a cushioning effect that makes them perfect for anal play. Lubrication also paves the way for a great squirting orgasm.

How to Have Great Anal Sex

Sit on top
This way you have total control.

In case you have worries of your partner being carried away in the course of anal sex and inadvertently hurting you, it might be better to mount your partner and sit on top. This enables you to control the speed and depth of the process, in addition to exposing your clitoris for simultaneous stimulation. In case you feel ambitious, sit on top of him facing him and use a dildo for double penetration.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are sex toys usually inserted into the anus and are great for mainly two reasons. The first thing is that they form a fantastic way of relaxing your muscles and in turn making the anal sex a lot easier. When inserting the butt plug, make sure you use a good amount of lubricant. As opposed to vibrators, these don’t need to be moved in and out though you may want to move the butt plug around some. You may put it in yourself or even ask your partner to help you with it. But plugs are available in all sizes and shapes. In case you have never used butt plug before, try a small one.

Go slowly

You could use small anal toys or your fingers (provided it has flanged base, this will avoid an embarrassing trip to the Emergency Room to have a lost toy retrieved). Allow it to stay there for as long as possible to feel confident and comfortable. In case it appears that today isn’t a good day, you could always try the next day.

Try different positions

While in a seated position, you may want to try slowly lowering yourself onto the dick and moving at your own speed. If you are having doggy position, back up onto the dick. One of the best ways to relax and alleviate anxiety is by being in charge.


Although this might appear counterproductive, bearing down helps relax your muscles, which is why you need to try it. Squeezing or pressing in tightens your muscles, and when you bear down, the muscles ease. If you happen to be almost there but not quite, try pushing against the object going in your bottom.

Use gloves

The role of gloves is to not only prevent discomfort but also the scratching from the raggedy fingernails and at the same time offer a smooth surface which works perfectly with lube. Do not use oil-based lubes with latex gloves because oil tends to degrade the glove. Another thing is that gloves makes cleanup to be simple as all you need to do is to take them off and toss them. You need to be particularly careful to avoid using oil-based lubricants for anal sex. This is because they appear to be thin and may drip into vagina and set anal bacteria to the wrong place.

Never allow your male partner to go from your anus to your vagina

The one thing you must avoid is letting your partner switch from anal right to vaginal sex without the use of a condom. This is important to prevent infection. It is also important that the object that just emerged from your butt is washed after the condom has been removed from it. After that, you can now insert it into the vagina.

What Risks are Involved in Anal Sex?
Always use protection.

Any type of sex that you engage in must be safe. Whether it is oral, vaginal or anal sex, you need to ensure that you engage in protected sex. It is very easy to pass on STDs by means of anal sex. But generally anal sex is safe especially if you practice safe as well as protected sex.

The two most critical safety tips as far as safe anal sex is concerned are using lots of water-based lubes and making use of a condom. Using a condom also helps the anal sex experience feel smooth. It also reduces the risk of contracting an STD. However, take care not to use scented flavored condoms as they can easily cause an allergy.


If you find that the idea of having a cock in your anus turns you on, give it a go. Just get the lube, butt plug and douche ready, get excited, experiment different positions and enjoy. For many men and women, back door sex is greatly pleasurable.


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