When it comes to your girl’s pleasure, you have it right at your fingertips, literally. With just your hands, you can pleasure your woman in amazingly satisfying ways. Even if this does not lead to an orgasm, you can bet it still makes for wonderful foreplay. In this post, we will tell you how to finger your girl until she’s squirting uncontrollably.

Start Off Slow

Kiss and rub her body as well as her breast while she still has her shirt on. The goal is to make her desire and beg for you badly. Next, slowly sneak your hand under her shirt, but do not reach inside her pants yet. Just caress her, telling her how much you love her. A kiss on her neck will do. Tease her by rubbing her outside her jeans. The important thing is to go slow, play with her, and make your woman wet. Do not insert your finger right from the start, as this is likely to be painful for her.

Continue Making Out

Next, place your hand on the girl’s stomach and run your fingers down her pants rim and inside just a little. Continue making out and touch her lightly on her upper thighs outside of her jeans. Next, move your thumb along the inner side of her panties. You may notice that she gets antsy, which is okay, as she needs to become wet.

Unbutton Her Jeans

When you think that you have given her enough teasing, you can now proceed to unbutton or unzip her jeans. You can remove them or just get your hands inside her jeans. Take care not to spoil the mood by taking a lot of time to remove her jeans. Now is not the time to go underneath her panties. Still outside of the panties, move your fingers along her lips and clitoris. To figure out how wet she is, slip your fingers in her panties. Keeping her panties on makes the whole thing more exciting.

Time to Venture In

Now you can go underneath her panties, although you should not touch her clitoris just yet. Move your fingers along her lips, and play around the opening of her vagina, gently and softly move your fingers down her legs. In short, venture everywhere EXCEPT her clit! She will again get antsy and even attempt to move her body, following your finger. Do not fall for her tricks. Continue teasing her and build up tension. When you notice that she is nearly flying off her rocker, go to her clitoris and, in gentle circles, rub the clit. You can also tap it gently. Make sure that everything you do is gentle and slow. This builds up tension better and also means that she will not orgasm quickly.

The Anatomy of the Vagina

Insert Your Finger in Her Vagina

If she is wet and still begging, locate her vagina’s opening and SLOWLY slip a finger in. The preferred finger is the middle one. With your middle finger still in her vagina, make a come here motion, as you would signal a person to come to you (see the figure below). Do everything but thrust your finger inside and outside of her vagina. Also, avoid letting your finger come out completely and then push it immediately back in, as this will hurt her. With your finger still insider her vagina, use the thumb of your other hand to arouse her clit. She may indicate that she wants it harder… could be that she does. However, from experience, an increase in speed is likely to destroy the tension that we’ve been building up. Therefore, just keep it slow and steady. Watch out for things that she seems to like, and focus on them. It won’t be long before you see her shriek with the force of a female ejaculation. See the illustration below.

Finger Techniques to Make Women Squeal

The following are fingering techniques that any woman is sure to love. However, before you start, make sure that your fingers are clean and your nails are also short. Sharp edges will make it an unpleasant ordeal for your girl.

The Rubber

For most women, the place to stimulate is the clitoris. After adequately lubricating her clit, or putting water-based lube on your fingers, use your middle or index finger’s tips to rub her clit softly and in circular motion. If you are onto something, you will know it from her reactions. Continue the pace and increase the speed slowly. But do not go so fast as to lose focus.

Your girl may yell something like “Don’t stop baby.” If she does, do not stop. There are women who like it when you break off from the clit and insert your fingers in her vagina at rhythmic pace. From her reactions, you should be able to see if she is of this type.

The Fastest Finger

If your woman is the kind that likes hopping up and down when you are on her, you can thrust your middle finger in and out of the vagina at high speeds to help with orgasm.

Using this fingering method, it is best if you position yourself directly in front of her vagina. This means spreading her legs open and kneeling in between them. This way, it is possible to keep your hand in a straight line while ensuring that your finger goes in at full speed. It also helps your chances of hitting the target.

The Helping Hand

Using both your hands at different tempos will make your girl keep get wetter. As you use your fingertips to rub her clit in a circular motion, use your other hand’s index and middle fingers to glide in as well out of her vagina. Her chances of reaching orgasms will be increased by multiple sensations. Keep in mind that it is not a race; there is no need to go too fast. Just maintain a steady rhythm. She will let you know if she likes it faster.


The clitoris is an area on the hood of the vagina and looks like a button. Generally, massage this area in circular motions with varying speeds as your partner prefers. As for the G-spot, slide your finger in the vagina and look for a fleshy and bumpy area. Massage the area with varying intensity, as your partner prefers.


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