If you truly love your girl and you really want to please her, then this question might have crossed your lips several times. However, there is no standard answer to the question. Research shows that this can be from a few seconds like 20 seconds, to an entire night. You heard right, a whole night. But women don’t necessarily want men to ride for a whole night. On average, research shows that an American woman would do with 30 minutes of sex.

But the problem is that most men simply cannot sleep with their women for that long. In fact, according to the respectable NHS, research conducted on more than 500 men from different countries showed that on average, it takes five and a half minutes from the time a man inserts his penis into the vagina of a woman to the time he ejaculates. And it is also true that most men wouldn’t even make half of this time. With a lot of patience you can but expect to last around 1-2 minutes.

Premature Ejaculation

This is quite an embarrassing problem affecting millions of men around the world. Ask any man and he’ll tell you that nothing is more embarrassing than being unable to perform sexually for your girl and not being able to stay there long enough as to give her an earth-shattering orgasm.

Put differently, premature ejaculation can shatter the confidence of a man not just in bed but also in general. It has even made some men not want to take part in sex altogether. This is because they cannot just put up with the shame of blowing their load after 1 minute.

The problem of premature ejaculation is the most common problem of ejaculation in men. It refers to a condition where the man ejaculates too fast during a sexual intercourse. While it is common to have occasional episodes of premature ejaculation, if you realize that roughly 50% of your attempts of having a successful sexual intercourse results to premature ejaculation, it is advisable to seek help from a physician.

Majority of men who suffer from premature ejaculation will not necessarily have had the problem. These men probably ejaculated normally in the past. This could be thought of as secondary premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments

If there is one thing that is stopping you from satisfying your woman, it is premature ejaculation. In order to have great sex and satisfy your girl, you must put an end to this craziness. Otherwise, you risk being badmouthed by gossip girls. But the good news is that the problem is totally curable. You just need to perform the right exercises, techniques and tips and you will be able to learn how to last longer in bed.

Sprays to Last Longer in Bed

These are penis sprays that, if applied some minutes prior to having sex, help men to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. An example of such a spray is stud 100 (Read my comprehensive review on the desensitizing spray Stud 100). Found at previews.org, this spray contains anesthetics like prilocaine and lidocaine. However, it does not cause numbness to the skin, thanks to a special ingredient in Stud 100 that enables the spray to be rapidly absorbed into the skin. It is also completely safe for the sexual partners of men. Just an insignificant 0.5% of female partners have reported decreased stimulation of the vagina.

According to research, men who use penis sprays can delay ejaculation by roughly 5 times longer. According to one study, it was revealed that men who previously ejaculated 36 seconds after inserting their penises into the vagina managed to delay ejaculation for more than 3 minutes after receiving treatment for one month. In the following month, they managed to delay it for 3 minutes 42 seconds. The improvement is almost 5 times. 

Natural Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation Trainer

The problem can also be cured naturally and one of the best cures so far is Ejaculation Trainer (Read my in-depth review on the Ejaculation Trainer). Authored by Matt Gorden, this is detailed guide specifically designed to help out to improve their sexual prowess in bed. In the first part of the Ejaculation Trainer, the focus is to unearth the root cause of your problem. The importance of this first step is because it is what helps in treating premature ejaculation problem permanently as well as increasing your sexual stamina in bed. This is achieved because the root causes have been addressed. The result is that it will now be easier to choose the best method to treat your case.

Once the root cause of your problem has been figured out, you will now be able to proceed to the second section of the eBook. This section contains various methods to help you defeat early ejaculation problems to ensure that you can stay for much longer in bed.

The best thing with natural approach to treating premature ejaculation is that the techniques are designed to provide long-term solutions and not just “band aid” solutions. It therefore means that natural methods require effort and time if you have to reap maximum benefits.

Other Natural Ways to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Wear a Condom

Although this sounds too simple, it actually works for many men. In most men, condoms will reduce stimulation. This then extends the time they take before ejaculating.


• Avoid those extra thin condoms. Later on, you can upgrade to those brands that allow for more stimulation.
• Certain condoms tend to be coated with a numbing gel on their inner parts. This enables you to postpone your ejaculation and not cause your partner any numbness.

Extend the Time for Foreplay

By extending the time that you perform foreplay, you will be able to affect your orgasm in two ways:

• It lowers sexual excitement

In the absence of foreplay, the idea of you having sex with your girl will just be too exciting as well as mentally stimulating. This actually increases your chances of blowing your hot load the moment you penetrate her. Spending a longer time on the foreplay means that you are less likely to get over-excited.

• It makes your girl orgasm more

Majority of women find it difficult to orgasm without foreplay. This means that the more time you spend getting her wet, the better because you won’t have to last 10 minutes. She will already have gotten satisfied.


The secret to satisfying your girl is not in the size of your penis but how long you can go before you ejaculate. As with size, you cannot really do much about it. But you sure can treat your premature ejaculation and last long enough in bed so that your woman is able to enjoy sex and attain orgasms. With the above natural methods, you should be able to see improved times on bed with your queen.


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