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From adolescence onward, a man never stops thinking about his penis.

Sometimes, a man wishes he could prolong puberty just so he could add a few extra inches.

A big dong earns you the admiration and respect of onlookers, whether in the bedroom or the locker room. Unsurprisingly, we men routinely slap rulers to our cocks to see how we measure up.

Ladies insist that “size doesn’t matter,” and yet, 68.3% of men say they are concerned about the size of their penis

This is because – despite what women say – men equate having a large penis with the ability to satisfy their partner. 

When you consider that all men are competing for the same women, and that unsatisfied ladies tend to stray – you can understand why we’re so obsessed with having a monster hog. 

It’s not called “big dick confidence” for nothing.

The obvious question is: how big is a “big” dick, anyway?

9 in 10 Men Have an Average-Size Penis

Big dicks are rarer than you might think.

Multiple studies confirm that:

Here’s the kicker: 90% of men have a penis that’s between 4-6 inches in length

Going by the numbers, a “big” dick is anything larger than 6+ inches. 

Only 1% of men have a penis that’s 7-8 inches in length. And just 0.1% of guys have a penis that’s 9+ inches. So don’t think you’re out there competing with porn stars.

Want to be part of the selected 1%, check this out and increase the size of your dick by at least 3 inches!

When the pants come down, a good size is in the eye of the beholder. 

If your dick is 6 inches and your lady is used to a 5-inch dick, you’ll seem like a horse. If you’re 5.5 inches and she’s used to 6 inches, though, she’ll likely never notice the difference.

The Right Size Depends on the Woman’s Preferences

While men obsess about the size of their rod, a woman’s preferences are the ultimate measuring stick. Her preferences also vary by situation.

For example, you may have seen Tinder profiles of women looking for “big dicks.” 

Studies show that women seek a slightly larger penis for one-night stands (6.4”) as compared to long-term partnerships (6.3”)

This could be because women who want a short-term partner are frequently looking for pleasure above all.

Some women are aroused by the sight of a large member. Similarly, some women are keen on the novel experience of fucking a guy with a giant dick.

A huge penis may cause sex for the woman to be unpleasant in the long-term, though.

This is because a larger penis can tear the vaginal membranes, causing discomfort during sex and resulting in painful urinary tract infections in the following days. 

For this reason, women often say that an average-size penis is more desirable for long-term relationships where comfortable sex is the priority. If you’re in a committed relationship, your ladyfriend just might not care about your size.

If you’re single, though, you’re more likely to encounter women who want a monster cock – at least initially.

How to Get a Big Dick

Little can be done to change the appearance of the penis. 

No diet, pill, or exercise regimen can add length and girth to your shaft. 

Yet many men report feeling unsatisfied with their size. Unfortunately, when a man thinks he has a tiny penis, it creates anxiety:

“I will be alone and without a partner.” 

“I will be laughed at by a partner in a sexual situation.”

This stress can negatively impact your sexual performance and self-confidence

Research shows that men who are less satisfied with their penis report more sexual health problems. A smaller penis decreases sexual confidence, which may be why penis size is related to sexual function.

Oddly, most men who pursue sexual surgery to increase the size of their penis actually fall within the average size range. Let’s not go there, dudes!

For men who are concerned about their size, it’s better to try a realistic penis sleeve

These helpful tools allow you to increase your length and girth without compromising your pleasure. You’ll enjoy a comfortable, custom fit while she’ll enjoy the gift of a few extra inches. 

You boost your size and your sexual confidence, she gets extra pleasure. What’s not to love?

A Final Word on Big Penises

Penis size, like everything in life, is relative. One man’s hookup is another man’s wife. One man’s pinkie finger is another man’s penis. 

Your girlfriend or wife may be totally satisfied, or not.
Whatever your circumstance, you can take steps to have a bigger penis whenever you want.

And Now…What Does a Big Penis Look Like?


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