While everyone is staying home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, it is important to maintain our sanity and our health. Being cooped up inside is hard on some because they do not have access to the gym or workout equipment, or they do not feel comfortable going outside just yet. That is understandable but there are more ways to take care of our health than just hitting the weights or lacing up the running shoes.

Orgasms, and sex in general, help promote a healthy body and mind and is important in maintaining a good lifestyle while in lockdown. These tips will help you get the most out of these orgasms for your health benefits.

Using Sex Toys

You may not have considered using sex toys before, and you would not be alone in that, but there really is something for everyone. Men and women can use these to help heighten the arousal and promote a much stronger orgasm, which is beneficial to things like the immune system and heart health. While these products can be expensive, lockdown might mean you have less disposable income so you can always buy sex toys with Afterpay, and enjoy the sensation now, and worry about payment later, when you can afford it easier. From vibrators to dildos, to even more intricate toys, these are one of the most sure-fire ways to enhance your orgasms.

Experiment With Positions

If you are stuck at home in lockdown with your partner, now might be the time to start trying out those positions you two have been meaning to get around to. Assuming you have the privacy to do so, you can start really having fun and trying out some new positions in new places around the house. One problem for people’s orgasm potential is that they get stuck in a sex rut with their partner because the pleasure becomes predictable. The same positions in the same routine eventually feel tiresome and the enjoyment is not always there like it used to be. That is why you should start having fun with your sex and try new things to spice it up. You might discover a position that rocks your world and theirs too.

Improve Your Diet

Many people are finding ways to improve upon their existing lifestyle even while they are at home. The biggest change that some people are making is overhauling their diet. Greasy, fatty, sugary, and other processed foods will make you feel sluggish and seriously impact your orgasms and sex in general. Simply adding more nutritious foods that are higher in minerals, vitamins, and other essential needs can boost your sex drive, and in turn, your orgasms. Leafy greens, vitamin D rich foods or supplements, fruits, and healthy fats like Omega-3’s and 6’s are all beneficial to the orgasm experience as they can make the taste of certain factors better and make it feel more intense. This can be coupled with the other parts on this list for a seriously improved sex experience but maybe most importantly is the long term benefits of committing to better health practices.

Talk With Your Partner

If you are stuck indoors with your significant other, try talking with them and discussing your sex life in more detail. Discuss your wants and needs, what gets you aroused, and what does not. These talks can help you understand what may be stopping you, them, or both of you from achieving the orgasm and pleasure you seek. Talking things through is just a small step but it can really help to get things off of your chest and feel more open with them and openness means you feel more comfortable.

Appreciate Yourself

Even if you are by yourself, you might be stopping your pleasure potential without even realizing it. Simply appreciating yourself and your body by complimenting yourself in the mirror or journaling about what makes you feel attractive can help improve your relationship with yourself and that can lead to better orgasms. Being in touch with your body is an important aspect of reaching satisfaction and appreciating your own skin first can get you there.

Even while the world seems to have stopped for many of us, there are a lot of things we can still do and enjoy while indoors with all of our free time. One way many of us are passing the time is through sexual release. As a way to maintain health and feel pleasure, orgasms are the pinnacle of these feelings and these tips can help you get the most out of your sexual activities at home.


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