When you are in bed with a hot girl, you may have favourite sexual positions etc. that you want to try out but just think, the girl squirming underneath you may have some dirty suggestions herself, particularly given the popularity of films like 50 Shades of Grey. So the following tips may give you ideas as to how to spice up your sex life and satisfy the woman in your life so she comes back begging for more.

  • Blindfold : Women love being blindfolded as it heightens all the other senses, and gives a feeling of delicious helplessness, as you do not know what is coming next or where! And it is a visual turn on for a guy to see his partner with a blindfold on, getting excited and turned on in expectation of what is to come next.
    She’s waiting for you to command her. sensualbdsm2.tumblr.com

    A lot of women love the feeling of being dominated by a man, it makes them feel fragile and protected.

  • Bondage : Being tied up by a man turns many women on; as like being blindfolded it heightens all the senses, and lets the woman know that you are really in control. It can vary from just the hands being tied together either in front or behind the back, or wrists and ankles being bound together, which are commonly referred to as being hog-tied. It just adds to the sensation that the man is in control which is a major turn on for many women.
  • Spanking : That feeling of being naughty and punished for it really turns women on, as it is a combination of feeling sexually degraded and exposed and then the feel of your panties being pulled down and then the touch of a hand on your bare flesh. The spanking may hurt but the tingle afterwards just heightens sensation in that whole area, and if you combine that with a blindfold then it takes the girl to a different realm of sexual experience.
    She seems to enjoy being disciplined. jupiterkitten.tumblr.com

    You can either spank with your bare hands or use a paddle or even a whip, if that is something that particularly turns your girl on.

  • Hair Pulling : Again, pulling a woman’s hair while you are being intimate together just adds to the feeling that she is being dominated by a real man, it is particularly sexual when being fucked from behind, or when you want your girl to suck your big cock, and drag her mouth down towards it by pulling her hair.
  • Anal Sex : This sexual act is one that many men are afraid to ask their girlfriends or wives to perform; yet it fits in perfectly with the above moves. Many women have nerves in their anal passage, sometimes known as the G Spot which means that they can get really turned on by being fucked in the ass, there is something about being penetrated there that really excites a woman and it feels so dirty, but also makes a girl feel full.
A gentle and steady pace will win the race. dggstyl.tumblr.com

Just ensure that you use sufficient lube to avoid excess pain or tearing and start slowly before building up to really ramming your cock in.

If you do this along with the blind folding, bondage, spanking and hair pulling then your woman is going to feel completely dominated by her man which is a real fantasy of many women. You can start with just one of the above moves or combine them all depending on how kinky you think your woman is. Just remember to do it safely and if she says no, then take it down a notch, but most of all enjoy pleasing your woman and yourself this way.


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