Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is a much debated topic in the sexology world. In 2002, the British Board of Film Classification found itself at the center of a controversy after it cut 6 minutes and 12 seconds from British Cum Queens, a porn video showing women ejaculating. The reason for the board to expunge part of the video was that the board believed that there was nothing as female ejaculation, which was shown in the video. Thus, they said that whatever was there was urine, which is banned from videos under the Public Obscenity Act.

Female Ejaculation Does Indeed Exist and It is Backed by Scientific Evidence

Immediately after cutting these vital minutes, a group known as Feminists Against Censorship popped up and wrote to the board demanding it to rescind its decision.
A wet orgasm should be celebrated.

The feminists claimed that if this decision was left to stand, it would damage women since it would mean that what women experienced as a natural reaction to sexual stimulation did not simply exist. They provided dozens of scientific evidence to support the female squirting phenomenon.

After being presented with overwhelming evidence, the board changed its tact. It said that it did not mean that female squirting did not exist but that female ejaculation was a much-debated and controversial area. But the point was home anyway. The porn video could have faked it, no doubt but the truth is that female ejaculation does exist and it is very possible to experience it.

The Gushing Fluid is Not Urine

There is a big misconception about orgasmic squirting. Most people mistake the frothy liquid coming from female genitalia in the course of an orgasm to be urine. This is a totally false theory.

Although the female ejaculate indeed comes from urethral ducts surrounding the urethra, its chemical composition is very different from that of urine.

As anyone who has experienced it will tell you, there is a very big difference between squirting and urination. Urine has a yellow tinge, has foul smell and is packed with toxins but female ejaculate is much like watered-down skim milk. If a woman is experiencing squirting for the first time, she may think briefly that it is urine. This is because there is a large amount of fluid being suddenly discharged from her urethra.

Attaining Female Ejaculation Without Penile Penetration

Contrary to the common misconception, a woman needs not necessarily to have penile penetration in order to squirt. Rather, it is important that the G-Sport is stimulated specifically and for a long period of time. The G-Sport is found roughly your finger’s length inside the roof of the vagina (in the direction of a woman’s belly button). It is of a different texture from that of the vagina (raised, lumpy or rigid) and is approximately of a similar size to that of squishy walnut shell. By repeatedly rubbing this spot using the fingertips, is possible to achieve squirting. Silicone-based lubricants, for instance Wet Platinum, can help a lot during G-spot arousal. One only needs to apply a few drops on their fingertips.

While clitoral orgasms will not likely induce female ejaculation, simultaneous G-spot and clitoral arousal can definitely lead to squirting. In order to achieve female squirting, some women must feel a strong connection with their partners and must also be fully relaxed. It is also possible to achieve ejaculation by use of toys like Vibratex Pixie, a G-spot vibrator. Below is a diagrammatic representation of the G-spot.
Study the map before adventuring further.

Pelvic Floor Muscles Play a Key Role in Expelling Female Ejaculate

It is very important to use pelvic floor muscles in forcefully pushing the ejaculate out because this is the final step before this fluid gets expelled from the body.

A woman’s squirting ability depends so much on possessing strong pelvic muscles.

In most cases, vaginal births, especially multiple births, can damage pelvic floor muscles. This will in turn hinder a woman from effectively pushing out her ejaculate.

Can’t Fake Squirt
She is getting there.

Owing to the fact that squirting has gained so much popularity recently in the media, it has become a subject of many pornographic movies. This has led many porn stars to fake it so as to sell their films to increasing fluid fetishists audience. The difference between genuine squirt and a fake one can be easily seen from where the fluid comes from.

If you notice that a water-like liquid is discharged from the vagina and especially after the video has been edited, this is definitely a fake. This is because female ejaculation normally occurs from urethra which happens to be near the clitoris. Porn stars use a lube plunger to insert water in the vagina before the squirt scene and claim that this is a vaginal squirt.

Tips to Successful Female Ejaculation

In order to have a good female health sexually, it is recommended to urinate before and also after having sex. This washes away any harmful bacteria or debris. However, urinating before sex is also very important towards achieving female ejaculation. Most women will feel like they want to urinate just before they squirt. This may add to further confusion as to whether or not the fluid contains urine.

Controlling the Flooding
The bathtub is a good place also.

Squirting can contain anywhere from two teaspoons to even two cups of the fluid. Therefore, it can cause quite a mess. If a woman squirts frequently or does so in large quantities, they may want to use rubber sheets. Some also use mattress protectors while others lay down preparatory towels on their beds to make cleaning easier after a sexual activity. You can also move sexual activity to upholstered furniture, comforters or even to shag carpets. Nonporous surfaces like a tiled floor or shower are also recommended. However, you need to take care to avoid slipping and falling (seriously, this happens).


Female ejaculation is not just a creation of the media but something that happens for real. There is overwhelming evidence that support that women indeed have squirting orgasms.

The key to squirting is identifying a woman’s G-spot and stimulating it for some time.

The above are all the facts you have ever wanted to know about orgasmic ejaculation.


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