1a. Why do I cum so little?

You’ve seen enough porn to know that there are guys who shoot huge loads. But you spill a few drops and it’s over. There’s a reason for this with a big medical name: hypospermia. Many men who have this condition feel inadequate, and women can sense it. Their brains tell them you’re not fertile enough, leading them to look for someone else. There are 4 possible causes:

  1. blockages in a seminal vessel
  2. retrograde ejaculation, which makes the cum flow back into your bladder
  3. certain infections
  4. hormonal abnormalities

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1b. How can I cum more?

Hypospermia is not something you should be too worried about, especially as there are easy ways to fix it. The most important thing is to eat and drink right.

  • Something wrong in the plumbing. giphy.com

    Semen is water based, and so you should drink more if you want to cum more. But remember that alcohol dehydrates you and will have the opposite effect.

  • Take supplements, like L-Lysine and Horny Goat Weed. They cut back enzymes that stop the flow of blood to the penis. Which means they also give you stronger erections.
  • Stop smoking and eat healthy.
  • Wear loose underwear. Tight briefs make keep the testicles warmer than they should be, which decreases your semen levels.
  • Less jerking off. The more you masturbate, the lower your semen levels will be. Yes, it constantly replenishes, but that takes time. If you’re gonna have sex tonight, hold off on doing it yourself today.

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2. How can I cum further?

Nothing is better than shooting a hot load of cum all over a woman. It shows your prowess, and it just plain feels good. It also shows your woman how much you enjoyed fucking her. But what if you’re a dribbler?

There are ways to improve your shooting power if you’re committed. Firstly, you need to start cumming more. See the previous question (1b) to find out how.

Secondly, you need to do some Kegel exercises to strengthen your PC muscles.

Yeah, you’ve probably heard about women doing Kegels, but they’re perfect for men too.

They involve holding, letting go, holding, and so on. If you want to know more about Kegels, read our article on multiple orgasms.

Once you’ve increased your cum volume and strengthened your muscles, try this technique. When you feel the orgasm approaching, stop and squeeze the head of your penis, then go again. Do this a few times. Then, before you cum, hold off for a couple of seconds. Squeeze your penis slightly, like a garden hose, to increase the pressure. Finally, use your newly strengthened PC muscles to squirt long and far.

Don’t despair if you don’t get it right immediately. This takes practice.

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3a. Why does my cum taste bad?

Do you love it when a girl swallows your load? Does your girlfriend hate doing it? Your cum might taste bad, and there’s a very simple reason.

The taste and smell of your cum is affected by your diet. If you’re drinking and eating foods that have a strong smell or taste, your cum will taste similar. Onions, garlic, asparagus – stay away from them!

Also, your girl might hate the texture of your cum. If you don’t drink a lot of water, it might be chunky or springy.

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Yes, pineapple is good for your dick. gettyimages.com

3b. How do I make my cum taste great?

Making your cum taste great simply involves changing your diet. There are some foods that will make your cum taste and smell better in no time. Eating fruits is the best option. Pineapple is known to make your cum taste sweeter. Cranberry juice and citrus fruits do the same. Mangos, apples, and grapes are perfect. Wheat grass, parsley, and celery are vegetables that do the job.

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4a. Why do I cum so quickly?

Every single man is scared of cumming too soon. It’s the ultimate nightmare in bed. Well, aside from having a micropenis. You might be wondering why you cum too soon. Firstly, you might expect too much from yourself.

Sex lasts on average 7 minutes, and many men last less than 2!

Men cum quickly for a few reasons. You may be so scared of it, that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or, your PC muscles might not be strong enough to control when you cum. Either way, there are ways to fix it.

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4b. How do I last longer in bed?

It’s easy to learn to last longer in bed, as long as you have the will to practice.

Don’t think too much about it. If psychological reasons are making you cum too soon, remember what we mentioned above. Many men last less than 2 minutes, so you’re probably not some sort of freak. Also, by learning to last longer using the next few tips, you’ll have more confidence in yourself.

Masturbate better. A lot of guys jerk off as quickly and forcefully as they can. But if you want to last longer in bed, try getting some practice from masturbation. Train yourself to take it slower. When you feel like cumming, slow down. Jerking off is the pressure free way of learning to last longer.

She seems to like it. hers-and-mine.tumblr.com

Give foreplay a chance. The more foreplay, the less primed you are to shoot off the moment you get inside her.

Try weird positions. The basic positions are designed to get you off quickly and easily. Trying new positions can help you last longer, while satisfying her more. <Learn more about sex positions in our article here>.

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5. Can I cum more than once?

Most guys think that they can only cum once and then it’s over and that only women can have multiple orgasms. But the truth is that multiple orgasms are possible for men too. There are 2 ways to do it.

The first is to orgasm without cumming. Because ejaculation usually follows an orgasm, we tend to think that they’re the same thing.

But actually, you can orgasm over and over again before you actually cum.

The key to learning this skill is Kegel exercises, which you can read more about here. Once you’ve mastered the Kegels, you can practice while you masturbate, and eventually practice when you’re having sex.

She will have to use that finger. strongwhispers.com

The second way to orgasm more than once is by prostate orgasms. The prostate is a small gland just below the bladder that plays a big part in sexual pleasure. How do you get to it? The best way is through the back door. Anal play is not something most guys are used to (even gay guys take time learning the ropes). But it is totally worth it, and once you’ve had a prostate orgasm, you’ll never go back.

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6. What is precum and can it make a girl pregnant?

Some guys precum a lot and some hardly precum at all. But is precum actually a kind of cum?
The truth is that precum and cum are not the same thing at all. They come from entirely different glands. Precum contains no sperm, and it’s not really a sexual fluid. There are two main theories as to why we have precum. The one is that it’s a lubricant that helps the actual semen get out. The other is that it clears your penis of urine and bacteria, clearing the way for pure, uncontaminated cum.

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Either way, since precum contains no sperm, it can’t get a girl pregnant. However, if there is some leftover sperm from a previous ejaculation, the precum might pick it up along the way.

Rather be safe than sorry.

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