There have been many studies made with hidden cameras that show that women check out men’s bulges, even more than a man may sneak a peek at a woman’s breasts. The preconceived idea is that men are more obvious about this than women but the camera never lies and the proof is in the pudding, size does matter.

Women are still being sexually objectified but there have been increasing amounts of celebrity bulges in the media, such as David Beckhams H&M adverts for tight fitting briefs and Justin Biebers Calvin Klein ads where the bulge was prominent. From footballers to the Jonas Brothers and Hollywood actors, the bulge is big news, with more and more celebrities showing off their privates in tight underwear, and getting paid big bucks to do so as well as getting valuable billboard time.

And it’s not their eyes that women are checking out, but their big bulges.

You don’t want to be sitting on a beach in your trunks with a peanut sized package when there are products on the market such as VigRX Plus (Read: Discover the Actual Formula Behind VigRX Plus), which can increase the size of your penis and also increase your libido, which can be linked to your perception of your penis.

Well, the panties might have some inside knowledge.

And the big bulge has taken over from breasts in the media, as cameras have recorded women checking out guy’s faces first and then their crotches. And size is important as a man will most likely not turn down a woman because her breasts are too small but a woman may well not go for a guy if he has a small penis.

The visual aesthetic of a large penis seems to be important to women and one report showed that when given the choice between a man with a 3” flaccid penis and a 7” erection or a 5” flaccid penis that goes to 6” when erect, the women will pick the 5” and 6” package as it is visually more appealing.

If your penis is bigger, you will get more attention from women, which will increase your confidence and thus your sexual prowess, as the video evidence would suggest that size really does matter.

This might be a bit too much.

So what can you do, now that you know for sure that women are checking out your package? You can certainly dress to impress, with tight jeans and snug fitting briefs and if you wear your cock on the right hand side, it will accentuate the size and shape as there will be no zip to break up the visual line or you can take herbal supplements that will enhance both the size of your penis and the performance.

Studies have shown that supplements such as Muira Pauma Bark Extract and the Cuscuta Seed Extract have been proven to work on increasing the size of your bulge dramatically, with some doctors even prescribing them to increase self confidence and libido as this can be linked to your self perception, and there is nothing like being checked out by a beautiful woman to make you feel on top of the world.


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