Having sex brings forth numerous benefits, not only emotionally, but physically as well. Emotional benefits such as improving your self-esteem or having a deeper connection with your partner can be attributed to healthy sex life. Additionally, physical benefits such as a reduced risk of heart ailments can also be garnered from having intercourse. However, there may be instances when you find that being intimate with your partner is already boring. In this case, it is time to revamp your sex life with some of the tips from the experts below.

Experiment with Sex Toys

Experts say that sex toys can enhance your lovemaking adventures because they tend to add a new dimension to your sex life. Tim and Sandra Larson, the pleasure enthusiasts behind My Sex Toy Guide, suggest that you should not be afraid to be a constant learner and explorer when it comes to sex. Therefore, go ahead and ask questions regarding some of the best sex toys that are guaranteed to heighten your pleasure. For instance, experiment with a vibrating cock ring that can make your penis stay harder longer. The vibration will ensure that your partner will reach her orgasm.

Act Your Fantasies Out

Another way to bring life to your adventures under the sheets is by acting out your dreams and fantasies. Go all out with costumes and accessories, but make sure to talk this out with your partner beforehand so that you will be in sync with your theme for the night. Have you ever experienced being chained while having sex? This might just be the key to make everything a bit more interesting.

Explore New Positions

When you find your lifelong partner, it signifies that you will have sex with them for the rest of your life. While you may think that this can be boring, then you better think again. True enough, you may get used to the nuances of each other so much that you may find having sex, or sometimes none of it, even part of your routine already. In this case, surprise your partner by trying out a new position that can probably give a better orgasm. For couples who are so used to the sexual positions they have established in their routine, then trying out a new one may prove to be revolutionary.

Engage in Foreplay

Women tend to dry up as they age and for this reason, you may need to invest in a good lubricant to keep you going. However, engaging in foreplay means that you may no longer need that lube because in doing so, your vagina will be lubricated naturally. Foreplay also prepares your body for sex and it sets the mood just right. While this can matter more to women, it can also be a great deal for men, knowing that they can give pleasure to their mates the right way.

Try Out Erotic Fiction

Instead of reading the books that you have grown to love before you go to bed, why not try to read erotic fiction books to your partner instead? While the stories are intended to provide entertainment, these can also be an effective way to set the mood for you to make love. The stories can also give you a good idea of which sex toys to experiment with, which fantasies to act out, as well as which positions to try out. 

 Exercise and Keep Fit

The importance of being fit and healthy is often overlooked when it comes to spicing up your sex life. However, this is an important aspect if you want your sex life to flourish. For one, you will have more flexibility in trying out different positions if your core muscles are strong. In the same manner, you will also be able to carry out the weight of your partner as needed if your muscles are built up for it. Aside from this, also keep in mind to do some kegel exercises because a strong pelvic floor can do wonders under the sheets or over it, for that matter.

To wrap things up, go ahead and don’t be shy in trying out various sex toys until you find one that is perfect for you and your partner. You also have the option of acting out your fantasies or exploring new positions to spruce up your sex life. If these still don’t work, don’t lose hope because taking time for foreplay may just do the trick. Just keep in mind to exercise and keep fit because you will need your energy in bed and don’t forget to compliment your partner too.


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