Prior to getting right to the point, I wanted to make this clear. All I want for PE Reviews is to help you become better when it comes to your performance in bed. I have been providing reliable information for a long time and all I wanted to do here is to offer my help. I am greatly motivated with the success stories of people I had helped. Hopefully you find this information useful and if ever there is something you wanted to ask, let me hear it.

This time, I will be sharing 2 effective methods on how to perform better in bed. However, if you have serious ejaculation issues, it would be ideal that you review the Ejaculation Trainer to find out more. All that you need to know about ejaculation problems like better control, basic information regarding quick ejaculation, training of ejaculatory reflex and better endurance in bed is discussed there. Ejaculation Trainer – a product you could download anytime and use for your benefits. It contains audio files and an e-Book.

The Ejaculation Trainer stresses out that dealing with premature ejaculation requires more than one way. There are permanent methods, special practices and quick procedures you could perform to deal with an ejaculation issue. On this article, I will be telling you more about the special practices and quick procedures you could follow to overcome early ejaculation.

If ever you are looking for various ways and methods to deal with your ejaculation problem fast and be able to last more than 30 minutes or more during sex, all you have to do is visit the official site of the Ejaculation Trainer. Getting the information you need on this site is pretty easy and soon you will be working on your way to better sexual performance.

Going to the techniques I mentioned…

1. The first method is a quick procedure that you could easily follow.

Surely, you now have the idea that there is lesser sensation when you use condom in sex. It helps in delaying ejaculation since the nerve endings are not stimulated too much. Surely many would agree that this works but there is another way to help you even more when it comes to delaying your climax.

How it’s done? Use a type of condom known as “extra strength”. So far, we only know one manufacturer of this type of condom and that is no other than Durex. The name itself tells that this type of condom is stronger compared to the traditional one and it doesn’t break easily. It also has an effect of helping men do better in sex. Use this condom on the next time you have sex and you will be surprised with its effect.

With the help of the Ejaculation Trainer, using this condom could become a more effective tool to stop quick ejaculation. Steps will be provided that is aimed at improving more your control over ejaculation. Definitely this is not about wearing two condoms at the same time.

2. The second method is one that you could use while having sex. This will not only help you do better in bed, it will also make your partner enjoy the sexual experience better. It is called by many as deep thrusting.

It is done by thrusting all the way inside her. Continue the thrusting without pulling too far. You should only pull out a little then thrust in again.

One thing that is important in this method is you have a nice rhythm. It is also necessary that you hit her clitoris using the right speed and force. If you could do this, it will give her immense pleasure.

Below are some important information found on the Ejaculation Trainer that tells something about this technique and how you could apply it in your life.

The trusting will not bore your partner since it will still have some variations. You will know more if you read the entire e-Book. There are already women who experienced the technique and most of them had a wonderful time with the experience. They appreciate it better than the regular way of thrusting. It could successfully stimulate their G-sport as well as clitoris.

The author is not suggesting this technique to men in order to make his method popular and known. He even confess that her wife enjoys this kind of thrusting for it could hit her clit better and the fact that you are totally inside your lady is something that women would surely like. It would seem unbelievable if a woman would not like this technique.

Here is how I personally perform the technique…

The same as the usual way you make love with your partner, I start slow aiming to heat her up in the process. After starting the heat, I would slowly go faster and apply a bit force in it until I get into a rhythm of short thrusting with the right force. When I see that she is about to orgasm, I focus on speed and increase the force of thrusting as hard as I can and hitting the clit with every thrust. It definitely blows her mind and she experiences the best orgasm always. Due to the intensity of the experience, she often loses consciousness for a couple of seconds like she is stunned with what just happened.

Orgasm on this type of thrusting is always bigger and with better pleasure compared to the usual thrusting that most men do. The stimulation in the G-spot and the clitoris is the reason why it provides out of this world pleasure to women.

In the whole duration of the sexual intercourse I am often deep in her. The trusts I do are very short. Some might think that I do not enjoy sex with this method, but actually I love doing it and nothing is more pleasing than to know that I am greatly satisfying my partner. But since I only do short thrusts, the experience is not that stimulating and this is the reason why I could last as long as I want and as long as my partner wants it. If it’s time to climax, I just turn back to the thrusting that men usually do.

More information of the technique is provided in the Ejaculation Trainer. Everything is provided in a step-by-step manner.

The techniques mentioned above are just among the 18 techniques that could help men last longer than 30 minutes in bed. If you are blown out by this simple information, this is not even the best technique that the product could offer. It is not even close to the top methods.

My apologies if the information given above were too much to some. Do not worry on the information provided on the Ejaculation Trainer for everything is written professionally so you surely would understand it better. The best thing about the things you will learn in the product is you could immediately apply it in action.

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The two techniques mentioned are just the basics. It only counts a little on the various techniques that you will learn in the product. It would be wrong to think that the information provided were the main course of the product. These two are just an introduction for the better techniques.

If these are your goal…

  • Perform better in bed tonight like lasting for about 30 minutes or more in bed and do the same on the succeeding nights with your partner.
  • Eliminate quick ejaculation for good.
  • Learn the techniques to train the ejaculatory reflex for better control thus naturally helping you to deal with ejaculation issues.
  • Learn to have better control of your body instead the other way around.
  • Get results you could enjoy for the rest of your life.
  • Do better than the rest of other men who personally think that they are good in bed.
  • Be more confident in your capacity to satisfy your partner in bed. 

Then it is necessary that you purchase the Ejaculation Trainer. It would be best that you gain access of the product by using our website. We ensure your safety. We do not ask for any fees, there will be no shipping and everything is very easy for you. The product and everything that comes with it will be readily available for download.

So far, Ejaculation Trainer is the most popular, most innovative and most reliable solution made to aid men in dealing with issues related to ejaculation. The product simply contains everything that you need to know regarding the problem as well as its effective solutions. You’ll learn a lot from it and would feel that you are now an expert in it after reading.

The product has been in the market for about 5 years already and a lot of men worldwide already benefited from this product. All the success stories you could read on our website are true and experiences of real people.

Hopefully, I had given you some ideas that could help in saying goodbye to premature ejaculation fast and permanently.


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