There is something really empowering about getting your man so excited that he spurts cum all over your face and open mouth, whether it is the result of a blow job, or he has wanked himself off over your eager face, it makes you both feel closer together, and shows that you trust each other.

Some women do not enjoy this, so when a man finds a woman who truly loves getting covered in his spunk, it really gets them going.

And the woman feels attractive and sexy, as they see their man get so excited at the sight of their body and face.

There are also benefits to the skin as cum is filled with protein and a cum facial will make the skin glow afterwards.

This is how the journey begins.

Cum facials and bukkake which is basically cum on you face from multiple men at the same time were popularised in porn, but adventurous, loving couples have introduced this into their sex life as there is something so honest and sensual about it. You can either suck your partners cock until he pulls out of your mouth and spurts in your face, or you two may make love together but enjoy this special finish to proceedings.

Some kink loving couples enjoy doing this before they go out for the evening, knowing that the woman is out in public with traces of her partners love juices all over her skin. It can be a liberating and sexy feeling, smelling your partners seed or even looking down and seeing dried traces of cum over your breasts and knowing that nobody else but the pair of you know about it, it certainly starts your night off with a bang.

The journey continues …

And if you want to add a bit of spice to your sex life then it is a great place to start, as you become a porn star in your own home. Your partner will appreciate the sentiment and love you more for it as who wants to go to bed with a prude. Cum facials are a sign that you are both liberated sexually and in tune with your own and your partner’s desires.

They will be totally turned on by the site of you writhing beneath them, begging for a face full of cum, wet mouth wide open, and body straining to receive every last pearly drop.

The journey ends.

Couples can do it too if for some reason they cannot have penetrative sex, be it due to a menstrual cycle, no contraception or difficulties with maintaining a hard on, it gives you both the chance to show how much you love each other, while having some naughty fun at the same time, and if the woman opens her lips to show a warm, wet mouthful of gleaming sperm, then that just titillates your partner even more.

Give a cum facial a try, its sexy, fun and will add a spark of naughtiness to any sexual encounter.

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