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Who do you think does better in bed – a dribbler or a shooter?

The answer’s obvious: women love a guy who will shoot his load across the room. It makes them feel attractive. It shows that you’re virile. And it ends great sex with a thrilling climax.

Unfortunately, many men struggle with low semen volume. Instead of that massive load, they spill a small, embarrassing teaspoon of cum.

Yes, the average man ejaculates just one teaspoon of cum!

The good news is that you can increase your semen volume with some small changes to your diet.

And it’s not nearly as hard as your erection will be!

Why Is Your Load Small?

There’s a simple reason you’re dripping a small load. You’re eating the wrong things.

It’s not your fault. We’re bombarded with cheap fast food options and delicious processed foods.

It’s unnatural, and bad for health in general. Anything that’s bad for your body is bad for your sex life as well.

Semen is made up of what we consume. It’s only natural that consuming unhealthy toxins is going to make our semen low in volume and high in disappointment.

Bad Eating Habits


This is how she’ll think about you when you shoot big loads!

First we need to talk about sugar. Sugar is in everything these days, even stuff you think is healthy. Did you know that the average bowl of muesli contains almost an ounce of sugar? And that’s meant to be the good option!

Too much sugar is terrible for sexual performance and semen volume in particular.

If you haven’t seen That Sugar Film, I recommend you watch it right now. It will open your eyes to exactly what’s wrong with food manufacturers and so-called expert recommendations.

Processed Carbs

Then there’s the masses of processed carbs in everything we eat.

White bread tastes great. So do donuts, and cake, and pastries, and ice cream.

But they come at a huge cost!

We all know how they make us look on the outside. But what they do to us inside is far worse.

They make us lethargic, lazy, and unable to perform to the best of our abilities.

Our bodies react badly to processed carbs, because processed food is by definition unnatural. No one has ever hunted down a wild donut!

And when it comes down to it, nothing is more natural than a massive load.

Whiskey Dick

Sad but true!

Alcohol, unfortunately, is another guilty party. Excessive alcohol consumption is known to be bad for sexual performance. Ever heard of whiskey dick? Sadly, it’s not just an urban myth.

Alcohol can help you lower your inhibitions, and is even healthy for your body in moderation, but too much of it, and you’ll be limp at the crucial moment.

Ingredients For a Huge Load

So, the first step is to cut down on sugar and processed carbs, and not to drink too much. But eating the right things will have the opposite effect. Certain ingredients will increase the volume of your load, and have you shooting across the room.


Green vegetables: spinach and asparagus are especially good options. They’re high in Vitamin C which is a crucial component in a good load. However, be careful with the asparagus, as it can make your semen smell and taste terrible.

Carrots: Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which increases sperm production and motility. You can get the same benefits from eating oatmeal and apricots.

Garlic: another ingredient you shouldn’t go overboard with. Garlic makes everything smell, but it will increase your volume.

Well, bananas have benefits for girls too!

Dark chocolate: known to be a powerful aphrodisiac, dark chocolate contains an amino acid that not only increases semen volume, but also the intensity of your orgasms. It’s also delicious.

Bananas: Vitamin B increases stamina. The enzyme Bromelain increases libido and volume. Bananas contain both of these.

Water: drink plenty of water. This will flush toxins out of your system, as well as improving the quality of your semen.

Add These Superfoods For An Even Bigger Load

Goji berries: these are a popular superfood that increases stamina while improving your mood. They also help regulate the temperature in the scrotum, which needs to be perfect for higher semen volume.

Pumpkin seeds: not only do pumpkin seeds increase testosterone production, they also boost the volume of your cum. Their fatty acids improve blood flow to the male reproductive organs.

Ginseng: you’ve definitely heard of ginseng before, even if you don’t know what it is. Ginseng is a herb that increases libido, stamina, and virility. It’s so effective and popular, that you can get concentrated ginseng capsules at any drug store.

Maca root: this herb has been used in everything from face cream to libido boosters. It increases sperm count and semen volume, and will turn you into a stud.

The Perfect Smoothie

The amazing thing is, you don’t have to do that much work to add these to your diet. Instead of trying to stuff down goji berries or eat masses of bananas, a smoothie can incorporate many of these ingredients.

You don’t have to be a genius to do this!

  • Bananas are always a great base for a smoothie.
  • Adding maca and ginseng will boost any smoothie without ruining the taste.
  • Goji berries are tasty and will add color.
  • If you don’t like carrots and greens, adding them to a smoothie makes them easy to consume.
  • Adding protein powder will give you strength and energy, and turn a smoothie into a meal.
  • Try different variations of the above. Mix the things you like until you find the right combination.
You have to work hard for a big load!

Use Semenax Volume Pills

Volume pills are by far the easiest and most effective way to boost the volume of your load. Instead of finding ways to fit the right ingredients into your diet, volume pills do the job for you.

I take Semenax, which works wonders. I know that I’ll shoot huge loads every single time. Women have been amazed by my porn-like abilities to get the perfect money shot.

Semenax has the above ingredients, along with a whole lot more. It’s got pumpkin seeds, maca root, “horny goat weed”, and L-Lysine.

The thing with volume pills is that they’re proven to work. Clinical studies have been done on Semenax. Men given Semenax pills shot much bigger and stronger loads than those given the placebo.

Side Effects

One of the reasons men don’t like using volume pills is that they’re scared of the side effects.

But because everything in Semenax is natural, there are no side effects. I mean, what are the side effects of eating pumpkin seeds and improving your diet?

The only side effects are health benefits!

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Put The Right Things In Your Body For A Massive Load

What it all comes down to is you are what you eat. If you eat like a stud, you’ll perform like a stud. If you eat unhealthy, you’ll feel unhealthy and your semen will show it.

Changing your diet is not easy, but you don’t need to go overboard. Just a few small changes make a massive difference.

Then there’s volume pills. They’re the easy option, but they work!

Great products like Semenax make the pornstar dream a reality. They’ll have you shooting your load across the room, climaxing like you never knew you could.

Written by Paco Penne

I’m Paco Penne, and my aim is to help you enjoy sex without performance anxiety! Since I can remember, I’ve been extremely open-minded, and therefore unafraid to explore every facet of sex and relationships. I’m excited to share my experience with you and created The Adonis Alpha for this purpose! Get to know a bit more about me here.


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