Though sex is the most widely discussed topics in the world, there are always mixed feelings about the use of sex enhancers to boost lovemaking. Expectedly, natural sexual intercourse always gets more votes than the use of machines and tools to enhance sexual satisfaction. But the million dollar question is, can the use of dildos, vibrators, plugs and the like make you a better lover? The answer is an emphatic yes. Let me explain.

Vibrators enhance your desire and satisfaction

Natural or man made, anything that vibrates is a woman’s best friend. It makes a woman desire sex more. It also takes sexual arousal to the point of no return and finally delivers earth shattering orgasms. It is true that no man can match the intensity of the mechanical vibrations of many vibrators. However, let no one tell you that you cannot enjoy natural sex after using a vibrator. A vibrator simply opens up your sexual world for more enjoyment. It enhances lubrication for more enjoyable sex and accelerates your orgasms. It does not replace the natural penis.

Dildos help in self-exploration for better sex

Dildos are designed to follow the natural anatomy of the human penis but they cannot replace it fully. They are used as a tool for sexual education. They just help you know your body better. Remember that the female sexual anatomy is very complicated and that is why many women struggle to get orgasms during sex. They find it hard to enjoy something they don’t understand quite well. A dildo helps you identify the sweet spots on your sexual anatomy so that you can focus on them during natural sex. They help you visualize sexual intercourse in a more elaborate way so that you know what to expect from it every other time.

Blindfolds help in sensory deprivations

Scientifically, shutting down the sense of sight intensifies all the other senses of the body. This explains why blindfolds can make you a better lover. Generally, there are sex toys that create sexual sensations and others that deprive you of such sensations. What matters is what turns you on between sensation creation and deprivation. For instance, vampire gloves create a tingling sensation on the skin, stimulating all your sexual organs. Soft feather ticklers also enhance foreplay for those who like them. The use of hands, lips and the tongue in creating tickling sensations may have become routine and you may need to spice up things a bit. On the other hand, sensory deprivations are very powerful sexual stimulation. Whenever you are blindfolded, for example, you don’t know what to expect. You can’t guess what your partner intends to do and you cannot inhibit any of their actions. Every part of the body wait, and it looks like an eternity before your partner’s body finally rests on yours. In general, blindfolds enhance trust between partners, creates the much-desired element of surprise in sexual intercourse and reduces inhibitions.

sensory depravations

Plugs enhance foreplay and oral sex

Butt plugs are no-nonsense foreplay enhancers. They can be used by anybody who has a butt. They boost oral sex big time because whenever the pelvic muscles contract and relax, the plugs move, creating sensual sensations that add a new dimension to your oral sex experience. They also make the vagina feel tighter during penetrative vaginal intercourse.

Restraints are great mental turn-ons

Great sex starts from the mind. That is why mental turn-ons are very important in enhancing your sex life. When you are handcuffed, for example, you are at the mercy of your sex partner. You have no control over anything at a time when every part of your body demands attention. That feeling alone can stimulate your erotic zones a great deal.

sex toys mental turn on

Using sex enhancers makes you a better lover. They help you understand sex in black and white. As a rule of thumb, if you want to enjoy sex or give your partner a mind-blowing sexual experience, understand what you are doing first. That way, you will know how to enjoy it and make it enjoyable for your partner.


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