Soon after puberty, all guys learn a disappointing truth. An orgasm comes and goes in no time, and then it’s over. Well, at least until you’re ready to go 30 minutes or so later. We don’t cum twice in a row, let alone three or four times. While women can go on and on and on, men get their fix of pleasure and it’s over.

The reason most men do not have multiple orgasms is that after coming, there’s about a 30 minute period in which it’s impossible to get turned on. Maybe you’ve managed to cum twice in a row, but that is a very rare occurrence. Even less ideal is the fact that most male orgasms last a few seconds. And while sex is not all about the orgasm, it’s by definition the most pleasurable part.

But you may have heard of books like The Multi-Orgasmic Man, which make the outlandish claim that all men can have multiple, long-lasting orgasms. Don’t believe it? Your skepticism is understandable, as it goes against everything you’ve experienced.

Happily, the truth is that all men can achieve multiple orgasms, and even cum twice, and you don’t need a whole book to tell you how. It’s really simple, but will take commitment and faith that the result is worth it!

You could have this face for hours!

Two Powerful Options for Men to Cum Twice

1. Non-ejaculatory orgasms

Can you have an orgasm without coming? It’s important to note that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things. They usually happen together for men, and there’s a good evolutionary reason for that. We’re meant to want to cum, and the orgasm exists to spur us on. But you don’t have to cum during or at the end of an orgasm, and that’s key to this approach.

This will also help in another area. Many men are terrified of premature ejaculation. People like Missy Elliott haven’t helped things. I don’t want no One Minute Man pretty much makes every man feel like shit about what’s really quite natural. When we’re really turned on, it’s hard to stop ourselves. So it will be a relief that you don’t have to come with every orgasm.

With this knowledge, you can begin working towards multiple orgasms. The key is to stop yourself from coming during the orgasm. If you don’t cum, the 30 minute refractory period won’t happen.

The pubococcygeal (PC) muscle – or pelvic floor muscle – is the muscle that allows you to stop peeing mid-flow. You can probably already do this, although it can be difficult or impossible when you’re going full stream ahead.

The PC muscle can stop you from coming in the same way. But this is where the work comes in. You need to do exercises to build this muscle until it’s strong enough to prevent the glorious moment of ejaculation.

Your path to becoming a multi-orgasmic man takes 3 steps: Kegel exercises, practicing solo, practicing during sex.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are mostly used by women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. They often face the embarrassing problem of leaking a few drops of pee when they sneeze or laugh, accidentally gushing pee, or worse. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent this from happening.

The first step (courtesy of WebMD) is to locate the right muscles.

  • While peeing, try to stop or slow down
  • Do it without tensing the muscles in your butt, legs or stomach, and don’t hold your breath
  • Success means you’ve found the right muscles, which you can now strengthen

Once you’ve located the PC muscle, you can start doing Kegel exercises, which are very simple:

  • Contract the muscles for a slow count of 5
  • Release for a slow count of 5

Do sets of 10, 3 times a day, increasing the count when you can.

Practicing solo

Practice makes perfect!

It might take a few weeks to see results, but once you do, you can start practicing while masturbating. Frankly, you can and should start practicing from the get-go, but you probably will have minimal success until you’ve mastered your pelvic floor.

  • Masturbate, and when you feel like you’re about to reach orgasm, contract your PC muscle and hold for a count of 5 to 10
  • Relax
  • Begin again and this time bring yourself closer, then contract
  • Relax
  • When you feel confident, go until you actually reach orgasm. As you’re about to jizz, let go of your dick and squeeze your PC muscle tight. Hopefully, you’ll feel your body trying to ejaculate but will manage to hold it back

If you’re unsuccessful – and you almost certainly will be the first few times – don’t despair. You’ll get there eventually, and besides, it’s not like jacking off is the worst way to spend your time.

Practicing during sex

If you’re in a relationship, you’re much likelier to become multi-orgamsic. Ultimately, you need to practice during sex, and having your partner on board makes this possible. After all, you don’t want your one night stand to feel like she’s a practice run.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms take work but it’s worth the effort. Sex turns into a better, longer, more satisfying experience when it doesn’t have to end.

2. Prostate orgasms

Non-ejaculatory orgasms are fantastic. But, in my opinion, they can’t compare to prostate orgasms. The prostate is a small gland just below the bladder. It is part of the reproductive system and therefore a big player in sexual pleasure. The easiest way to access it is through the back door.

Sensations can get really intense!

If you’re old enough to remember Road Trip, there’s a scene where the group decides to sell their sperm to a sperm bank. One of the characters gets “help” from a nurse who shows him how to “milk the prostate”. While it all happens a bit faster than in real life, and with less preparation(!), the character’s reaction mirrors what every man feels after their first prostate orgasm!

Now, many straight (and gay) men are uncomfortable with anything going up their ass. But with some preparation, you will get used to it and experience the best multiple orgasms of your life. You may also learn how to cum twice!

Stimulating the prostate gives men a similar kind of orgasm as that which women get. It spreads through the body, it can last for minutes, and it doesn’t have to end in ejaculation.

By stimulating the prostate, you can reach orgasm without ever touching your dick!

Ass play is not natural for anyone, so if you’re uncomfortable you are not alone. Which is why you need some advice before embarking on this epic adventure.


One of the most uncomfortable parts of ass play is the sometimes overwhelming sense that you’re going to shit all over your partner. It almost never happens, but preparation will help you get over this, and also ensure that your girl is not grossed out.

Douching (enema) is the best way to prepare. An enema flushes your asshole of junk so that it won’t come out during sex. Have a shower if that will help you feel comfortable.

If you or your partner feel it necessary, use rubber gloves the first few times. Also, long fingernails are a no-no!

Use plenty of lube

Anal penetration hurts, although the pain is not too bad when it’s just a finger or two. Massage the asshole and cover the fingers in lube. Go in slowly, bit by bit. Eventually, once you’re used to the process, ass play won’t be as much work. But in the beginning, it’s best to be gentle.

Warm up first (get horny)

The prostate swells when you get an erection, and is easier to find. If you’re horny before you or your girl start searching, finding the prostate will be easier.

If you’re using your own fingers or toys, experiment with what feels good and build on that. Otherwise, guide your partner.

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Use toys

Looks pretty Scy-Fy!

Fingers are not always long enough, which is why there’s a huge market for prostate toys. You can get a prostate massager, made for your anal pleasure, or even a simple dildo. If you don’t feel comfortable walking out of a store with a massive dick, there are websites that let you order and will deliver it disguised as something “respectable”.


Prostate orgasms are different from penile orgasms. They last longer, they’re more comprehensive, and they don’t have to end in ejaculation. It will feel as if you’re ejaculating consistently, even when you’re not. When semen does come out, you won’t immediately lose your erection either. I’ve ejaculated from prostate orgasms, and followed that up with vaginal sex with no problem.

Keep an open mind and you’ll orgasm over and over again

It’s easy to stick with what we know, as sex is great even with a single orgasm. But it can be so much better. It will require you to keep an open mind, and put in the work, but I guarantee that it will be worth every moment!


  1. I’ve had orgasms separate from ejaculation several times, but only with the help of intense fanatising. I keep hearing kegels/penis squeezing as means to stop ejaculation, but isn’t that just a retrograde ejaculation? I also find that anytime I manually squeeze/release my PC muscles, they just make me want to cum…. Any help?


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