About Me

Paco Penne, creator of The Adonis Alpha, brings a unified approach to life inside and outside the bedroom. As a liberal thinker, he is not afraid to confront traditionally held or sacred viewpoints. For one, he believes that men are wired to be unfaithful. They will sometimes treat women as prey, which is natural and perfectly okay. His own experiences as well as the research on the subject have informed his opinion.

Because the old-fashioned relationship model has led to record high divorce rates, Paco’s ideal relationship is one that is open and able to adapt. It goes beyond monogamy and marriage, by catering to the very different roles of the alpha male and the women in his life. For every beautiful woman in the world, there is always someone tired of her, and two people should never be stuck in an unfulfilled relationship because they’re afraid to challenge the status quo.

In his personal life, Paco is a laid-back and balanced person, who can spend hours sitting in a coffee shop simply analyzing people’s behavior. He loves beer, as well as using alcohol to amp up a night out. His quick mind is always looking for ways to do things better – both more efficiently and effectively – and to answer the question of how to be the ultimate alpha male.

Paco loves traveling, which gives him the chance to spend time becoming intimately acquainted with the world’s different cultures. For what it’s worth, they love getting to know him too!