Just like you probably enjoy spraying your load of cum, so girls enjoy ejaculating too. It’s just most women have never met a guy who knew how to make her squirt.

In this newbies guide to squirting, you’ll learn the basics of what it takes to make any girl drench the bed sheets with her pussy juice.

Unfortunately many guys have learnt their ‘tricks’ from watching adult entertainment, and often what works on video (or appears to work) doesn’t translate well into real life.

So if you learnt your moves from porn, try and forget about that stuff.

After all, if your girl just feels like she’s being used like a guinea pig to test out your squirting methods, it doesn’t bode very well for her having an orgasm.

The most important thing that helps a girl squirt is that she is in the right emotional frame of mind. This is everything. If she feels judged, if she feels nervous or shy, if she feels stifled and like she has to maintain her ‘good-girl’ persona in front of you, there’s now way she’s going to be relaxed enough to blow her load over you.

This is the secret. She needs to feel so comfortable with you, and so free to do whatever she wants that she feels like it’s fine to let loose and squirt.

For first time squirters, they often confuse the feeling of needing to squirt with needing to pee. If you ever had a girl run to the bathroom to pee after sex then chances are she was holding back on the urge to squirt and you were getting close.

Most girls will hold back if they think they are going to pee. Of course, this would be embarrassing for her, so she clenches up and holds back. This inevitably reduces the chances of her having an ejaculatory orgasm.

She must feel so comfortable with you that even if she peed all over the bed, she’d know everything was going to be fine.

The next point is that a woman’s pussy will get tired. This is called nerve saturation. For example if you go straight in for the kill and start hammering away at her g-spot and clit without her being warmed up, by the time she has reached the height of arousal, her pussy will be tired and her nerve endings will stop being so responsive to your touch.

This is why foreplay is so important.

You want to get her so wound-up before even touching her pussy. This way she’ll be so aroused that when your fingers/tongue/dick finally meets her pussy, it only takes a few minutes of focused stimulation to make her spray like a busted fire hydrant.

Happy days.

The third point it technique. As guys we love focusing on the technique. The magic bullet that solves all problems! Not exactly. You could have the best fingering method in the world, but if you get steps 1 and 2 wrong your chances of her blowing are greatly reduced.

Of course, there are some advanced techniques that can make her orgasms more powerful, last longer, come quicker and travel throughout her body (aka full-body orgasm) but that’s not for the newbies guide.

The simplest way to make her squirt buckets is the ‘spider man’ method. Take your two middle fingers and curl them upwards inside her vagina, so your palm rests on the top of her pussy and clit.

The two fingers curled upwards are what allow you to hit her g-spot on the top part of her pussy. You need to move your hand up and down (not in and out) in rapid succession.

Remember to do this only when she is fully aroused and practically begging for it or it will either hurt her, or it won’t work.

When you feel a slight outward pressure from inside her vjj, then it’s time to quickly remove your hand (being careful not to scratch her from the inside).

Btw, plentiful amounts of lube are absolutely recommended for this. Even the wettest of wet girls will always benefit from extra lube. Making her sore or even scratching her is going to kill your chances of making her squirt, right from the start.

If you stimulate her for more than a couple of minutes using the above technique and she doesn’t want to blow, don’t stress. Outcome dependence is one of the quickest ways to NOT give her an orgasm.

At this point you’ll want to go back to arousal phase and build her back up again. This could mean gentle tonguing, kissing stroking and absolutely teasing. When you feel like she’s horny as hell, go back to the direct stimulation method with your two middle fingers.

You can go back and forth multiple times, don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t squirt.

Focus on the process and enjoy it.

Just go back to arousal phase if she doesn’t squirt from the spider man method, then try again.

Making girls squirt is fun, fun and more fun. Most women love squirting because it adds another dimension to their normal orgasm. And trust me on this one, when you do make her squirt she’ll absolutely love you for it, especially if it’s her first time.


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