There are two words in the English language that strike terror into the hearts of all men: “Premature Ejaculation”
As if it’s not bad enough that we don’t know how to please a woman, our own bodies can betray us. Most guys simply don’t know how to last longer in bed. There are men who cum seconds after penetration. And then there are those who cum during foreplay. Since orgasming more than once is not easy (although not impossible), this can be a disaster of epic proportions.

It can ruin your night, and many nights to come. It gets in the way of relationships, and it kills self-esteem.

But what can you do about it? Most men think you have to wait until you’re about to score to find out how you’ll do. This causes terrible anxiety and can lead you to avoid having sex altogether.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some answers! The following 5 techniques will make you last longer in bed, increasing your pleasure and hers.

How would you like to pound your girl for more than 10 minutes straight?!
How would you like to pound your girl for more than 10 minutes straight?!

Say Goodbye to Premature Ejaculation…Try These 5 Techniques Tonight!

You could try doing some math!
You could try doing some math!

1. Stop thinking about it!

I know, telling you to stop thinking about something is as good as planting it firmly in your mind. Trying to stop thinking about it will only make you think about it more. Just take a look at this compilation of newsreaders clearly thinking about the wrong thing!

But often premature ejaculation happens due to psychological reasons. And there are ways to train yourself not to worry about it in future:

  • As we’ve mentioned before, sex on average lasts less than 7 minutes. Many men make it less than 2 minutes. This stat alone should reassure you – you’re not a failure if you don’t last long.
  • Take deep breaths to calm yourself beforehand. If you really get into it, you can continue doing so while having sex, which will help you focus.
  • Go in with a positive attitude. Either way you get to orgasm!

2. Masturbate like a pro

Louis C.K. does a great job of defending masturbation against Christian extremists. But for most of us, masturbation is nothing more than a pale imitation of sex when we’re in need. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not good practice.

One of the most effective ways to train yourself to last longer is to start masturbating differently. You’re not alone if you take the shortest route possible towards cumming. It’s often just a way to blow off some steam, not a substitute for fucking.

Nonetheless, the way you masturbate affects how good you are at sex. If you only take a minute or two to masturbate, you’re likely to cum quickly during sex.
So, try training yourself to masturbate slowly and carefully. Every time you feel you’re getting close, slow down and lengthen the process. Watch a porn movie, rather than a clip, and don’t cum until the end. The longer you go, the longer you’ll last when you have actual sex. It’s a pressure free environment in which you can learn to do the business right. It will also help you learn some cool new moves.

The more you focus on her, the less pressure is on

3. Indulge her foreplay fantasies

A lot of men have the same attitude towards foreplay as this baboon. It can be pleasurable, but we just want to jump into the real thing.

It’s worth knowing then, that the more foreplay you engage in, the longer you’re likely to last. It helps you over that initial “wave” of pleasure that threatens to break through. See, if you go straight in, that wave will overwhelm you. But if you take some time working with your wood, you’ll both satisfy her and set yourself up for success. It gives you the chance to stop well before you cum, with no embarrassing excuses.

How about if she rides you for a change?
How about if she rides you for a change?                       

4. Be trisexual – try everything

A fun way of jacking up your sexlife and preventing yourself from cumming early is to try new positions. The focus it takes to keep switching things up throughout sex will help you last longer. Just don’t take tips from Jon Hamm.

We’re not going to go into all the different positions you could try here – let’s be honest, the internet is a treasure trove of those. But there are some basic ideas:

  • Skip the obvious: the fundamental positions by design give you the quickest, most intense pleasure. Other positions are more subtle, giving you a different kind of pleasure that doesn’t happen at the speed of light.
  • Focus on her: don’t be afraid to stop when it’s getting too much and focus on her. This will give you time to regroup while keeping her satisfied. In fact, it will make you seem like a very attentive lover.
  • Give her the control: the one in control gets most of the pleasure. By giving her the control, you’ll experience the slower, more subtle feelings, and you’ll again seem like an attentive lover.

5. Just the (basic) tips

There are a few more things you can do to make you last longer that don’t require too much detail. These include:

  • Masturbate beforehand: you’ll be less horny and driven to finish.
  • Wear a condom: yes, condoms decrease pleasure for some men, but that may be exactly what you need.
  • Use a numbing spray: make sure it’s one that does not affect her pleasure.
  • Distract yourself: the age-old technique of thinking of rats fucking in a dumpster is a reliable way of slowing yourself down.
  • Get circumcised: okay, it’s easier said than done, but circumcised men last longer.
  • Do kegel exercises: we’ve discussed these before here.
  • Fatten up: larger men last longer (this doesn’t technically count as a tip, but it’s interesting information)
  • Use viagra: it doesn’t just get you hard. It also boosts your sexual performance and helps you last longer.
  • Try edging: get as close as you can without actually cumming, then slow down, then go again.


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