What are the best places to meet girls?

You might have heard that clubs, bars, and parties are great places to meet new women. But they’re not the BEST places. They have several disadvantages:

  • Most, if not all, of the girls you meet there are the same – they’re all looking to have some quick, meaningless fun. They’re not really there to start meaningful relationships
  • Not all of us are extroverts who thrive at the party scene
  • Not all of us are night people
  • Club game takes a lot of time, money, and energy

Is there any way to meet MORE girls… by using less time, money, and energy… and without having to go to parties?

You bet there are. Here are 5 of the better places to meet women you’ve (probably) never heard of before.

Place #1: Cafes at Night

Yeah, coffee can be a very sexy thing.

Instead of going clubbing at night, go to cafes close to midnight. Many of the women who go there alone are weary, pensive, and secretly hoping to meet a handsome, mysterious stranger that night. It could be you.

What’s more, some of the women who go to cafes late at night actually came from clubs, and are winding down after partying. You’re definitely free to approach them – there’s much less competition from other guys here than in the club!

And perhaps best of all: Some of the club girls you meet at cafes will be frustrated simply because they didn’t meet any good guys in the club. If you tried to pull them at the cafe, they just might be desperate enough to say “yes,” and head straight to your place for a nightcap.

Place #2: Bookstores

Bookstores are another great place to meet great girls. You’ll want to look at two areas in particular:

  • The self-help section. The girls browsing self-development books tend to be confident and level-headed, but have some personal issues they want to iron out. The conversations you’ll have with these ladies will be deep, personal, and meaningful.
  • The romance novels section. Romance novels are basically porn for women. The women browsing the romance novels section are already in the mood – approach them like Christian Grey would, and you’ll be in for a great fling.

It’s not hard to approach women in bookstores – say “Hi,” engage them in 30 seconds of small talk, introduce yourself, and see where it goes. If she likes you, she’ll keep the conversation going.

Place #3: Bouldering Gyms
Rock climbing creates beautiful bodies.

The average gym isn’t a good place to meet women – there’s lots of competition from other guys, and you can get kicked out if the ladies find you creepy.

For some reason, the story is different in bouldering (or rock climbing) gyms – there are more women, the other guys tend to be weirdo hippies, and it’s easier to socialize since you’re all doing the same thing.

Of course, you’ll need to be fit enough to keep up with the ladies, otherwise they’ll find the hippies more attractive than you.

Place #4: Charities

If you want to meet more girls AND improve the other areas of your life at the same time, this is hands down your best choice. Volunteering groups you with people who work towards a common goal.

“Common goals” are what forms the strongest, most lasting human relationships. It’s what creates the bond between firefighters, soldiers, policemen, and – you guessed it – volunteers.

If that’s the kind of bond you’re looking to make with a woman, then volunteering is the way to go!

The great thing about volunteering is that you can do it anywhere: Church programs, feeding programs, the local zoo, the library, etc. You’ll meet lots of women along the way… and you’ll gain focus, direction, and a more open mind along the way.

Place #5: Dog Parks

Maybe approach a girl with a smaller dog.

When you have a dog and walk it every day, women will inevitably stop and talk to you. Jack up your success rates by going to dog parks – you’re guaranteed to meet a few good ladies there.

Of course, you’ll need to be raising a dog to do this. Don’t prowl through dog parks without a dog – if you’re creepy enough, someone might call the police on you!

What to Do When Meeting Women in These Places

No matter which among the five places above you pick to meet new girls, don’t forget the endgame. That is, all your efforts will be next to nothing if you can’t please her in bed.

Just want to be friends with benefits with a girl? Please her in bed, and she’ll keep coming back for months.

Make her roar!

Want to get a new girlfriend? Take her on a few dates, and then please her in bed a few times – and please her better than any other guy she’s ever had in her life. She’ll think she’d be crazy not to be your girlfriend.

No matter what your plans are – keep the endgame in mind.

Now go out there and meet new girls!


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