Women have a love-hate relationship with pickup lines.

They detest cheeseball puns and recycled one-liners. These tired attempts are an insult and a waste of time since you clearly invested zero effort in connecting with her.

Women love to hear you say something clever, confident, and original. The best pickup lines are derived from humor, context, and observation – or wit – and are rewarded with keen interest.

Why? A witty man is intelligent, confident, and aware. All these traits are desirable to women. The ability to create and deliver a good pickup line suggests that you’re a catch, a real Adonis Alpha.

Here are five winning pickup lines that will allow you to disarm, charm, and make a great first impression with sexy ladies in everyday situations.

1. “Besides being gorgeous, what do you do for a living?”

Try this pickup line in an elevator or a professional setting. Once you’re alone together, wait a few seconds, then lean in casually and say:

“So, besides being gorgeous, what do you do for a living?”

This conveys your playfulness, your intent, and your appreciation of her finer qualities. All before segueing into her favorite topic of conversation: herself.

Women love an indirect, or backhanded, compliment. Why? Because it alludes to their good looks rather than pointing at them directly (like a chimpanzee would).

A backhanded compliment also requires you to be clever and original. Since neither of these traits comes standard in guys, you’ll immediately catch her eye.

You needn’t worry about sounding phony. The beauty of flattery is that even if a compliment is recognized as flattery on a conscious level, the subconscious mind ultimately recalls these interactions as positive.

This is because flattery is like an orgasm for the brain. When someone acknowledges your better qualities, the body floods with serotonin, which creates a wave of position emotions. By triggering this receptive emotional state, you increase the likelihood that she’ll want to connect with you.

Remember: time is scarce in elevators and professional locales. Listen intently as she talks, make a quick joke about the quality of the elevator music, then ask for her digits.

2. “I would do things with you that are illegal in some countries … like hold your hand.”

Let’s unpack this one. You’re about to play the pervert, then close with a cuddly punchline.

It’s the perfect bait and switch. You hint at eroticism, then transition into the non-threatening. This pickup line shows that you’re funny, sensitive, and sexually adventurous – all at once.

Best of all, it’s open to interpretation.

Any socially conscious woman will find humor in the idea that holding hands in public – which is illegal in some Islamic countries – could ever be forbidden. You’ll score points with this smart cookie for being cute, clever, and socially aware.

But a freaky girl will hear something very different.

For this woman “illegal in some countries” conjures up images of anal sex, bondage, or choking. Freaks are attuned to any hint perversion because they’re looking for someone who can deliver the fringe sex they crave so deeply.

This pickup line lets you broadcast your kink with confidence. On the other hand, you could end up talking about progressive politics. Just follow her lead and be sure to seize upon any sexual innuendos. If done well, you can greatly accelerate your timeline to wild sex.

This pickup line excels in the bar, the mall, museums, or in an evening class.

2. “Do you like [insert local feature]?”

You don’t have to speak a pickup line – you can write it.

This pickup line allows you to flirt with women with headphones in – like in the library, the coffee shop, or on an airplane.

You’ll need a pad of paper and a thick pen.

Write “Do you like [insert local feature, location, or event]?” on the paper in big letters. Then draw a basic picture of the place or feature in question.

I first used this line in Medellin, Colombia where there’s a large historic castle. So I wrote: “Do you like castles?” As seen below, my drawing look like this:

The drawing is the key, even if it sucks. The visual aid grabs her attention while highlighting your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Don’t live near any castles? You can use an art gallery, a farmer’s market, or an upcoming concert. The weirder the question you ask, though, the more you’ll pique her curiosity.

For example, asking if she likes organic carrots can lead to a date at the farmer’s market. The aim here is to start a conversation around a shared interest, so ask a question that will get a “Yes.”

To make your approach, simply pull out the illustration and hold it to one side of her visual field. Don’t intrude, just place the illustration in her periphery. Ideally, you’ve been sitting next to her for some time already.

If she’s really focused, you’ll need to point to the drawing to get noticed. Be patient and smile earnestly, like you’re waiting for a friend.


Eventually, she’ll look up, remove her headphones, and reply – ”Um, yes” or something affirmative. After all, who doesn’t love castles and organic carrots?

Once she replies, ask if she’d like to explore the location or event with you. When she understands the intent behind the question, she’ll be attracted by your unique approach.

You’ll also earn points for being willing to share your artistic talents – or complete lack thereof. Don’t worry if you can’t draw. The focus of this pickup line isn’t your art, but your creativity.

If she pokes fun at your crap drawing, take it in stride. This indicates that she feels somewhat comfortable with you, so play along by saying something like “C’mon, I stayed up all night making this.”

Sticking up for yourself shows your playful side, and women love a confident man with a sense of humor.

You can also use this pickup line without the visual aid – just be sure to ask a unique question to capture her attention.

4. “I bet no one ever talks to you, so I thought I’d introduce myself. Hi, I’m [your name here].

This pickup line is suited to hot cashiers, baristas, bartenders, and flight attendants.

These ladies are always in the public eye, so they’re ogled and hit on constantly by lame-ass dudes.

A sarcastic and mildly insulting pickup line will cut through that weak noise. After all, a fine woman is accustomed to being complimented on her looks, not ribbed about how lonely she is.

Joking about her undesirability reveals that you understand how much she gets hit on, and how tiresome it is. Meanwhile, you get to demonstrate your confidence, wit, and savvy with the dating game.

It’s no secret that females are quick to disregard guys that are too nice. Women want a man with charm, personality, and who doesn’t need them. They want a bad boy they can chase, not a guy who acts like a doormat.

In psychological terms, this trait is called disagreeableness – or your willingness to be an asshole. According to the magazine Psychology Today, “the lower the agreeableness, the more sexual partners” a man will have.

By flaunting the conventional, you point to “lots of positive traits that come along for the ride of badness – such as good looks, confidence, creativity, humor, charisma, high energy, and good social skills – all things women find attractive,” says author and psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman.

Beware: if you don’t say this line with enough sarcasm, you’ll come off as a dick.

Be sure to elongate the “noooobody” so she knows you’re poking fun at her. As you deliver the line, hold her gaze and smirk slyly. This will indicate that you’re being a joker instead of a sonuvabitch.

If she’s into you, she’ll give you her name. Once you’ve earned her attention, you can sit with her, get her number, and flirt to your heart’s content.

5. “You’re so beautiful you made me forget my pickup line.”

[Insert winning smile].

Women relish the opportunity to observe how their beauty influences men.

For example, if you drive your car into a tree while gawking at a hottie, that hottie will feel a deep sense of validation. You’ve just proved the awesome power of her beauty, which is a huge turn on.

This pickup line plays into this female desire to be seen.

First, you praise her beauty indirectly and thus avoid coming on too strong. Then you suggest that her beauty is so overwhelming that it’s actually wiped your brain.

The ability to fluster a usually self-possessed man is a big boost to a woman’s self-esteem, so she’ll want to open up to you.

And yet, you’re such a stud that you retained your innate confidence and delivered a great one-liner. In turn, your attention will make her feel both appreciated and empowered. Meanwhile, you appear as witty, emotionally aware, and appreciative of her body in the deepest way.

Try this pickup line on the street, as you wait in line, or at the gym. For best results, speak in a casual and spontaneous way. She should feel like you’re at once bowled over by her yet equal to her feminine charms.

This combination of boldness and vulnerability is irresistible to women.


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