Cuckoldry is a healthy and normal sexual fetish, but it’s a delicate subject to broach to your wife. 

Naturally, your significant other will have a few questions after hearing that you want to watch as she gets plowed by another man. She may feel inadequate, insulted, and rejected because you don’t want her all to yourself.

That’s okay. 

The end-goal of this conversation is to convince her that your cuck fetish doesn’t replace your attraction to her – it enhances it. This requires you to explain what cuckoldry is, why it appeals to you and framing the experience as beneficial to you both.

A clear and honest discussion about your fantasy is the best way to get what you want. Conversely, a ham-handed approach can lead to disaster, divorce, and possibly dismemberment.

Here are three ways to tell your wife about your cuck fetish without sounding like a freak.

1. Explain the Appeal of Cucking

People reject what they don’t understand, so start by explaining your attraction to cuck-life.

“Watching you get pleasured by another man would bring me great pleasure.” 

Tell your wife that. Emphasize that you’re still attracted to her, but that cucking is just cream on top of an already gratifying sexual partnership.

Next, cite the psychological science that validates cucking as a fetish instead of a perversion.

In the book Insatiable Wives, psychologist Dr. David Ley writes that there are various biological reasons why men would get aroused from watching their woman shag another man, such as:

  • You subconsciously want to compete with another man’s sperm for fertilization
  • You’re excited by the taboo that surrounds the sin of adultery 
  • You’re aroused by the idea of sexual humiliation
  • You feel pride in sharing your woman with another man

These theories all correspond to real-life cuckolding scenarios, so share the intimate details of why you want to be a cuckold. 

For example, many cucks enjoy the idea of their woman getting drilled by a “bull” or a “stud” with a larger penis. Typically, the bull is thought to be able to satisfy their woman in ways the cuck cannot. Sexual jealousy is often the driving factor in such cases.

Some cucks enjoy being forced to help their woman prepare for a sexual encounter with the “bull.” This includes buying their partner sexy lingerie or picking out a dress for a date and then reliving the sexual experiences with them afterward. Moments like these can be deeply intimate and strengthen the relationship.

Others guys enjoy cuckoldry as a way to share their “hotwife” with the world. Giving their woman away to another man makes them feel powerful, masculine and horny.

It’s important to communicate that cucking can be a one-off gift to you and isn’t the new normal. You want to portray cucking as commonplace without pressuring her into a new way of life. 

If your wife views the fetish as an extension of you, the husband she loves, she’s less likely to recoil from the idea of being offered to another man.

2. Emphasize the Benefits, Address the Doubts

Cucking is your fantasy, but it’s best to frame it as a sexual exploration with mutual benefits. 

After all, your wife likely doesn’t want to risk your marriage for some experimental lovemaking. From her perspective, inviting another man into your bed could drive a wedge between you. It might also make her feel like a slut.

She will only be persuaded if she feels at once secure, respected, and curious about your fetish. 

Arousing her desires is a great way to assuage her doubts. Your lady’s sexual self-interest, paired with her love for you, will encourage her to step out of her comfort zone. 

This means that you should downplay the selfish elements of cucking, such as your sexual jealousy or humiliation(if that’s your thing). 

Instead, highlight the joys of getting fucked by a studly man (obvious as they are) and how this experience will enhance your shared relationship going forward.

Maybe she’s been lusting after a fantasy of her own, and you can arrange a trade-off.

For best results, use this conversation to:

  • Emphasize that you have no interest in sleeping with other women
  • Explain that key aspects of your relationship will remain unchanged
  • Acknowledge each of her doubts and answer them in-full
  • Frame the conversation in terms of her sexual development and your larger relationship
  • Be patient but never resentful or forceful if she declines, since she may yet come around

If your wife is excited by the idea of cucking, she’ll feel like she won the sexual lottery. Some women relish the sexual freedom, newfound confidence, and lusty attention of two guys that cuckolding affords them.

For a relationship on the rocks, cucking is not the remedy. The mere suggestion can arouse insecurities that will throw your marriage into a death spiral, so wait until any lover’s quarrels have passed.

A thoughtful and patient approach is the best way to demonstrate that both she and cucking are important to you, and encourage her to act accordingly.

3. Help Her Visualize a Night with Another Man

Filling in the details will help your wife comfortable with fucking someone else, so map out the cucking experience in full.

Once she understands exactly what she’s in for, she can decide if she’s ready to participate in your fantasy.

Guide her through each step of the cucking process, such as:

  • Finding a stud on dating sites like OkCupid, Craigslist, CuckoldPalace or CuckoldFinder
  • Writing the stud ad together, so she finds someone she’s comfortable with
  • Discuss how and when she and the bull will have sex
  • Decide whether you’re in the room or outside, and who talks with the bull
  • Detail any elements of your humiliation that you need to feel satisfied
  • Outline anything that’s off-limits 

You may have to compromise to help your wife feel comfortable. For example, if she’s unsure about fucking another man while you watch, your solution could be setting up a video camera so you can watch from another room. 

If your lady is still hesitant, various activities can help you both to prepare for cucking. 

Games of dominance and submission, storytelling about sex with strangers, and sex parties in your area can warm her to the idea of being shared. Meanwhile, she’ll see how aroused you are by the idea of humiliation, which could be the final bit of encouragement she needs to agree.

In the end, you can only coax your wife into cuckolding you. If you neglect her needs, this conversation will go over like a lead brick. 

Good communication, mutual respect, and regular check-ins are essential to a sexy and repeatable cuck experience.


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