Millions of years of evolution have conspired to make men into cheaters. 

We’re designed to impregnate as many women as possible, from the hardware between our legs to the 8,000+ daily thoughts that race through our brains screaming, “That one! That one! Mount her!”

This biological drive has been hugely successful, elevating the human race to the apex of the food chain. No biggie. 

The unslakable urge to bone women of every shape and size does, however, run afoul of the societal expectation for monogamous relationships.

Before you feel guilty, consider this:

The percentage of wives that report having affairs has risen by almost 40% over the past two decades, according to the General Society Survey. 

As women gain access to economic and social equality, they begin to act like men. Namely, they cheat. 

If a stable and independent role in society pushes women to cheat, there must be a general benefit to infidelity that extends to all people – not just men.

As this article explores, cheating is exploratory. It’s a form of self-discovery that can have some serious benefits to your life.

1. Cheating Can Free You

Sometimes men cheat to escape a bad relationship. 

For example, your partnership might lack sexual compatibility. Maybe your lady doesn’t provide the emotional intimacy you need. Maybe she beats you. 

Cheating can be a justifiable way to explore your options, whether your relationship is unsatisfying, co-dependent, or toxic.

One cock-forward romp through greener pastures can help you to reclaim your happiness.

This is especially important if you’re the kind of man who only confides in women.

Making a new ladyfriend allows you to discuss issues that maybe you cannot divulge to your long-term partner or discuss with other dudes.

Once you see what you’re missing, it’s easier to convince yourself to change your situation for the better.

2. Marriage is Doomed

For unhappily married men, cheating is a window into a better life. 

Given the high rates of divorce, there’s never been a worse time to try and stay married. 

Let’s just call it like it is – marriage an outdated social structure that causes needless suffering to many.

Marriage is doomed for two reasons. 

Firstly, our modern society imposes two contradictory value systems upon people: 

  • Monogamy
  • Self-fulfillment

We’re told that self-development and transformation are vital to a full and healthy life. 

According to this idea, we owe it to ourselves to optimize our happiness and realize our best selves. Any psychologist will tell you that happiness is the byproduct of progressing toward your goals.

Yet, lifelong monogamy is incompatible with self-development.

Ask a married man – his personal interests are gated by his wife or limited by their relationship. 

How do you “live your best life” within a partnership that severely limits your potential for happiness over time? If you trust the numbers, you don’t. 

Eventually, the drive for personal growth overruns the boundaries of marriage, causing direct conflict or simmering resentment. 

Both are a recipe for divorce or terminal unhappiness.

We Live Too Long to Stay Married

The second reason that marriage is doomed is that we live too long nowadays to maintain a lifelong monogamous partnership. 

Consider that the average life expectancy surged from 35 to 75 years, on average, since the 1800s

If both you and your partner are changing constantly, the odds that you can tolerate another for that long are slim to none. As for sexual satisfaction…dream on, buddy.

The odds that both you and your partner will change in ways that continue to suit another are slim to none. Eventually, you might have nothing in common.

When life was nasty, brutish and short – you didn’t consider ‘who you’d like to become’. You spent your 40 years worrying about getting enough to eat.

But as life expectancy and quality of life increase, we have more money, time, and bandwidth to consider higher-level operations like self-development.

We get to focus on accumulating new experiences, maximizing our happiness, and fucking lots of different girls.

Given the luxury of an 80-year lifespan, it’s insane to spend that time trying to align with another person’s ever-fluctuating self-interests.

That’s too long to be unhappy and sexually frustrated.

3. Cheating Feels Awesome

Unlike pizza, everyone knows that new pussy is better than day-old pussy. 

This is because novelty, or newness, is the main physiological trigger of male arousal.

Even if it’s rat pussy.

According to the book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts, male rats are wired to prioritize sex with new partners – just like human males.

Once he orgasms with his usual partner, the male rat will lay back, exhausted. The female rat will continue to paw at him for sex, but he won’t oblige. In fact, he can’t.

The he-rat isn’t sufficiently aroused by his usual partner to fuck her more than once. After blowing his load, he’d rather eat a sandwich and watch the game.

But if you introduce a new female rat into the cage? 

The male rat is instantly horny. He couldn’t get erect for his typical lady, but his brain and body are always ready to hump some strange honey who wanders by. Just like you.

Nothing beats new sex for men.

From the thrill of the chase to the allure of what we can’t have, infidelity is inherently exciting. 

Does cheating promote healthy relationships? No. Is it natural? Yes. 

If you’re a terminal cheater, perhaps you should consider a polyamorous relationship. Or become a Mormon. Just don’t get fucking married.


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