You’re probably thinking that you already have the gift of the tongue. Well, guess again and get your notepad ready as we give you some of the best ways on how to eat pussy like a pro! Presenting, the 3 musts when going down on a girl:

1) If It’s a Dessert, Turn It into a Lagoon

Unlike blow jobs, cunnilingus can never be done as a favor. Doing it when you’re not in the mood will only result to dry heaves. However, if you’ll eat like a pig or a hungry dog, every mistake will be forgiven.

A dry pussy is an unhappy pussy. If your fingers graze a dry bush, don’t penetrate! Go back to the hugging and kissing for a couple of minutes.

Note: When it comes to how to finger a girl, make sure that you actually dip the middle finger between the lips. Sometimes, the moisture gets trapped between the pussy lips, and a little finger movement is all you need, to unplug the dam.

Once you’re quite confident that the beaver is sopping wet, a few light teasing strokes are the perfect way to heat up the lady even more. Make sure she’s really begging for it before you get between her legs.

REMINDER: Don’t put your fingers inside the fuck hole yet! This can kill the tease factor. Keep in mind, 78% of the woman’s pleasure is based on her sexual arousal. Poking too soon may put out the fire.

2) Be a Professional Muff Diver
Maybe don’t forget to remove the panties.

Once she’s completely lathered up, it’s now time to dive! Get your fingers out of the equation, and don’t touch anything. Use your mouth and lips, as you start to kiss her tits and stomach, slowly working your way down. Don’t get carried away by the tits. Even though you love sucking on her nipples, right now is all about her pussy.

Nibble your way up to the right edge of her pussy lips, then skip across the clitoral hood, and head to the other side. Do this a few times until she starts begging for more.

Note: Hover over the bush for a few seconds before doing the first lick. If you’ll wait longer than 5 seconds, she might think you’re having second thoughts because she smells bad.

The Time Has Come!

Your first lick should be super slow if you want her to moan and groan. Do about a dozen of “St. Bernard licks” before you continue.

This is a good time to figure out what kind of clit she has. If it’s sensitive, she’d probably convulse as you graze over it. Congrats! You’re in for an easy ride.

On the other hand, if there’s no reaction when you graze over her love button, she probably has a nerveless little pea clit and you’re going to perform a 30-minute session.

3) Pay Attention to the Love Button
The other kind of motorboating.

After the slow licks, now is the perfect time to get the party started! For those who are not aware, there are two types of clitoris: the one that enjoys a serious going-over and the ones that are so sensitive. Truth be told, the latter such about as much as a tiny penis, and guys find it impossible to please a girl who has this type.
Even though clits come in different shapes and sizes, they have something in common– all of them want to be treated slow and soft at first. The only way you’ll realize that you should pace up is by reading a woman’s reaction. This is impossible to teach, but we’ll help you as best as we can.

Clit that Craves for a Serious Lapping and Sucking

These clits are the most fun, because you can be creative with them. If you want to know how to make a girl cum like there’s no tomorrow, then pretend that your tongue is the bad cop, and the clit is the guy who murdered your partner. What’s the best way to punish him? Separate him from his friends (the pussy lips) and suck him right up with no mercy.

Don’t forget to keep him erect by creating an airtight vacuum chamber using your mouth, and slap this naughty fellow upside the head using your tongue. If your lady starts freaking out like what you’re doing is too much, go back to being a gentle lapper.

The vacuum technique is a great way to bring her to orgasm, but it can also be a bit too much. That’s why it’s important to mix things up with some circles around the clit and some tongue fucking every now an then.
Yes, you did good.

REMINDER: Even after she cums, continue to suck on her clit and lick her pussy. Remember, the fun isn’t over, until the hands on your head come down to the sides. If your woman is multiorgasmic, you’ll have to keep going until she’s satisfied.


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