Let’s talk about sex positions.

The problem with men is that we’re incredibly horny a lot of the time. ‘Why is this a problem?’ I hear you ask. Simple. It’s because we put all our efforts into getting sex without thinking about how we’re gonna do it.

So you’re at a bar, you see a girl you like. You go up to her, use some dirty questions you read about online. She slaps you. You see another girl, try again, and this time she doesn’t slap you. And twenty minutes later you’re both at your place, ripping off your clothes and you just want to get inside her.

Once you’re inside her, there’s no time to overthink things. You’re doing your best to prolong the experience, and hoping that she’s enjoying it too.

You try missionary, spooning, and doggy style, and you’ve used up your entire repertoire!

Which is why it’s important to get some ideas before you get to the bedroom. The following sex positions all offer their own unique kind of pleasure, for you and for her. Try the basics first, before going all out advanced.

1. Missionary

The instinctual position that you’ve probably been using all your life (post-puberty). You lie facedown on top of her and thrust. It’s simple, but does not allow for that much control or versatility.

2. Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and Cowgirl’s Helper

Giddy up cowgirl! amazingorgasms.tumblr.com

The “cowgirl” positions are all about her being on top. And while at first this might intimidate you – as you’re giving her control – you’ll soon see these as the most intuitive positions.

As opposed to the sometimes awkward missionary position, cowgirl has her sitting comfortably on you. She can move according to her will, stimulating her vagina with different parts of your penis. And, stimulating your penis with different parts of her vagina.

Reverse cowgirl simply has her facing the other direction. Cowgirl’s helper refers to thrusting upwards while she’s using her vagina to pleasure you.

3. Doggy Style

Puppets need love too. sluttygirlproblems.com

She kneels on all fours while you kneel behind her. It allows for deep penetration, although it can hurt your knees and might hurt her back and neck.

Try have her kneel on the bed, while you stand behind her. This can be much more comfortable.

4. Spooning

Both lie on your sides facing the same direction. She pushes back onto you and you thrust. Many heavier men are more comfortable with spooning than missionary.

5. The Pretzel

The pretzel is slightly harder than your basics:

She lies on her right side. You kneel over her right leg, with her left leg around your left side.

This position allows you to go deep, and unlike deep penetration doggy style, you can maintain eye contact. So you get to see for yourself that she’s enjoying it.

6. Flatiron

She lies facedown on the bed with her hips raised slightly. You get on top of her.

The beauty of this position is that it makes your penis feel bigger inside her.

7. Standing

This might come in handy. pinkcatshop.com

Otherwise known as the ballet dancer, this position is perfect for passionate fucking up against a wall. Support her weight, while she wraps a leg around you. You get to stare her in the face while your thrusts bring her to orgasm.

8. Waterfall

Lie off the edge of the bed with your head and shoulders resting on the floor. When you reach orgasm, the head rush will make it blow your mind.

9. The Hot Seat

Sit upright on a chair. Have her back up onto you and sit between your legs. This position allows her to ride you easily, controlling how you enter and exit while giving you deep penetration.

10. Spin Cycle

Spin cycle is simply the hot seat on top of a washing machine. Going at full blast.

11. Lap Dance

We all know what a lap dance is. When used as a sexual position, it makes sex more intimate and allows you to go for longer. You can sit there intently looking into each others eyes while moving slowly, or you can thrust into her hard and fast while she rides you like a horse.

12. Butter Churner

Ecstasy seems pretty close. hers-and-mine.tumblr.com

This is great for a flexible girl who longs for sexual ecstasy. She lies on her back with her legs raised over her head. You squat over her and lower your penis in and out. This one’s about her pleasure, with the head rush adding to the euphoria. To make her like you even more, exit fully before going in again, over and over and over.

13. Iron Chef (Standing)

Another way to fuck her standing up, is to have her sit on the kitchen counter. She lifts her legs off the ground entirely and wraps them around you while you thrust into her.

14. The Bicycle

Have her lie on the edge of the bed and raise her legs to her chest with her knees bent. Grabbing her ankles, enter her and slowly thrust your penis inside. You can watch as you penetrate her over and over again.

15. X Position

Have her lie back and sit between her legs, crossing over each other to make an X. Thrust into her with slow movements.

On a one-night-stand, you’re probably going to want to start with the basics. But over time, as you get more and more practice, pulling some of these moves out of the bag will have any woman gushing over you.


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